6 Reasons to Own a Static Caravan in North Wales

A caravan holiday is one of those classic escapes that never seems to go out of style. Instead of a sterile hotel room or an awkward B&B, a static caravan gives you a home away from home whenever you want. It’s the ideal solution for your accommodation needs. And where better to locate your static caravan than in North Wales? With ancient woodlands, picturesque mountains and delightful beaches, North Wales is a wonderful place for walkers and nature-lovers. It’s also a vibrant and exciting area with plenty of nightlife and culture to enjoy. A static caravan in a well-appointed Lyons Holiday Parks also gives you access to a wealth of amenities and activities the whole family can enjoy.

Static vs mobile Caravans 

While a trailer caravan or motor home has the advantage of being movable, they have a number of downsides when compared to a static caravan. The process of moving your caravan can be difficult — even hair-raising at times. When you’re not actually using it, a caravan just takes up space; it requires a much larger area than a car and can become a real headache. Perhaps most importantly, the facilities and space in a standard trailer caravan are very limited compared to those in a static caravan. A static caravan is essentially like a small chalet or bungalow, with small but pleasant rooms and plenty of home comforts.


A static caravan is a fairly inexpensive option. Maintenance and pitch fees may only cost a few thousand pounds per year — a bargain when you consider the amount of enjoyment you might get from it. There are special offers on some site fees that make owning a static caravan even more affordable. If you use it every weekend and during holidays, a static caravan works out as a much cheaper option than even low-budget hotels. A static caravan also offers more privacy and better amenities. Static caravans themselves are far cheaper than most holiday homes, with quality units starting at less than £15,000.

Lyons Holiday Parks 

Because you’ll be purchasing a static caravan in a Lyons Holiday Park, you can be sure of an ideal situation with every convenience you could desire. The caravan parks themselves are well appointed, with bars, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues. Some parks also offer sports and exercise facilities like swimming pools and tennis courts. You can be assured of something fun to do — watever the time of year.


Lyons Holiday Parks are always situated in desirable locations with plenty to see and do outside of the park itsef. Whether you’re stroling in the idyllic grounds of a country hall, enjoying the ocean breeze on a traditional seaside holiday or admiring the incredible Welsh mountains, you can easily find your ideal spot.

Great for all ages 

Whether you’re a young professional escaping the rat-race, a parent with a family in tow or a retiree looking for some peace and quiet, a static caravan is ideal. You can be certain that everyone will find something they love about a Lyons Holiday Park, from tots to teens and at every stage of life.

A useful revenue stream 

At some Lyons parks, it’s possible to sublet your caravan when you’re not using it. This can represent a useful income stream that offsets the modest cost of the caravan.

Security and peace of mind 

A managed caravan park is so much more secure than many holiday homes. Instead of having to worry about damage when you’re away, you can relax in the knowledge that your caravan is under the watchful eye of our staff.

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