The Best Things to See and Do in North Wales: Top 4 Interesting parks You Should Visit 

So you have gotten bored of staying in the house and finally decided to go on an outdoor adventure? Well, North Wales has a lot of attractions that would satisfy your adventure spirits and make you feel alive again! It has lush valleys, vibrant fields, beautiful old castles from the Celtic age and most importantly parks that will keep you occupied throughout your holidays and weekends.
Can’t wait to know these exciting parks to visit? Here they are:

1. Zip World Fforest
Located in the iconic woodland setting of the North Wales Conwy Valley is a park with activities that will keep the whole family busy. From riding the Fforest Coaster to going on a Zip safari using the world’s fastest zip line; you will surely enjoy your time in this park.
For the FForest Coaster, you will move in high speed taking twists and turns through the woodland. It is just the perfect experience to make you excited. The Zip safari is even more thrilling; you get the chance to soar your way through the forest while hanging onto a zip line. Come on! Why are you missing this?

2. Gypsy Wood Park
If you are looking for a family park that can perfectly meet the needs of kids, then Gypsy Wood park is the one. Kids get to explore wetlands, hunt fairies and even get to ride on the mini railway within the park. Its location is at the foothills of Snowdonia.
So come loaded with the spirit of adventure to explore the expansive 20-acre wetland and meet unique animals who have lived here for centuries. You can also capture a fairy and force her to make your lifetime wish come true. And finally, jump into the mini train to go on a bumpy ride through this well-kept secret paradise of North Wales.

3. Bodelwydann Castle and Park
Guys who love the stories of princes and kings within a big castle would rush to see this castle. The Bodelwydann castle dates back to middle ages when it hosted Lords and Ladies of the kingdom of Wales. It even housed soldiers during World War 1 and has since been converted into a museum.
Come and explore this historic castle which is full of beautiful artworks and discover fascinating stories about North Wales. You can also visit the orchard, garden and deer park found within the Castle’s compound.

4. Holyhead Breakwater Country Park
If you are living in Anglesey and you have not visited this hidden gem, then there must be something wrong with you! This coastal park offers what many parks would not give you: serenity and warmth. There are great walks along the coastal area and the old quarry. You also get to see a large pond filled with beautiful ducks and ducklings going about their business undisturbed. If you are worried about finding a place to park your car, then this is the place to visit because there is ample parking space for you any day.

North Wales has many beautiful geographical features and historical sites to visit. You can also visit parks with your family to grow closer and build trust within your family. You do not have to stay indoors all year round while there is a lot to do and see in North Wales!

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