Why Own A Static Caravan in Lyons Holiday Parks, North Wales

North Wales is one of the top holiday destinations in the UK. The place boasts of picturesque landscapes perfect for the adventurous folk. It is also a historical hub littered with ancient ruins including medieval castles and burial sites. These, among other numerous factors, are great reasons for owning a holiday home in North Wales. One way of having a home away from home is by owning a static caravan right at the heart of it all, and that’s in Lyons Holiday Parks. This comes with numerous benefits as you are about to find out.

Cost-Related Benefits

When purchasing a caravan, you need to know that the cost varies greatly depending on the park that you choose. Some parks might bill you extra on redundant things thus inflating your bills a great deal. In Lyons Park, the costs have been slashed to cover only the basics. This way, you get more for less.

Another benefit of these static caravans is that their park site fees are a huge let off as compared to what you would have paid elsewhere for a rental caravan. Moreover, you will pay much less in terms of maintenance costs. That’s because they suffer considerably less wear and tear than the mobile caravans. You’ll also be happy to know that static caravans are less risky to insure because they are less susceptible to damaging and theft.

If you aren’t using your static caravan for a particular season, you can consider renting it. That’ll help you recover some of the incurred costs while making little profits on the side.


Owning a static caravan is quite convenient with regards to accessing your favourite attraction sites in North Wales. Buying it in Lyons Park is even better since the park is strategically placed within the proximity of historical sites, sandy beaches, and a serene coastline. In addition, you’ll get to explore vibrant local bars and enjoy scrumptious local cuisines that will get you hooked. You won’t need to break a sweat as everything is within reach.

Avoid the Hustle of Towing

While towing your caravan across the country seems fun, almost everyone can relate to nasty experiences involving caravan transport. Whether it is a flimsy puncture or an accident, it can get you off your holiday mood quite fast. Besides that, why tow the caravan to your favourite holiday park every time you feel like revisiting the delight when you can camp there permanently? A static caravan allows you to do just that. Moreover, you won’t have to go through the labour intensive transport process nor spend extra on the journey.

Fun brought right to your Doorstep

Lyons Holiday Park has numerous exciting caravan locations to choose from. Even better, all of them give you access to a plethora of activities and events that will invigorate you in a magical way. Whether you are looking for some fun family activities or adrenaline bursting events in North Wales, a static caravan in Lyons Park is where you want to be.

Live in Style

Living in a static caravan home doesn’t mean you forego all the pleasures of a full-size holiday home. Lyon Park’s static caravans offer you elegant and outstanding spaces. There are fully furnished options with modern amenities such as entertainment pieces and cooking stations. If you fancy bespoke styling, you have the option of designing the caravan in your own unique style. This way, each time you visit North Wales, you will be proud of your holiday home.

So why wait, get your static caravan in North Wales today and enjoy all the above benefits. Besides the attractions that await you, you will definitely love the vibrant people you’ll have for neighbours in the park.


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