Family-Friendly North Wales – Fun Things to Do with Friends and Family

North Wales is serene and scenic; the perfect place for a family vacation. There are many beautiful sceneries to take in here, and fun things to do for kids and adults alike. Here are four fun things and beautiful sites you cannot afford to miss during a family vacation to North Wales.

Spend a Day or Two at Wepre Park

Wepre Park has it all. Covering 160 acres, the park is covered by lush grass and ancient wood trees, and dotted by ponds, water bodies, and fun recreational facilities.
This park is teeming with native wildlife that is easy to spot and always gets the kids excited. It also has fishing ponds and everyone is welcome to hook one. There are also lots of hiking trails that meander through the woods and often open up to serene views. Kids can also play on a lush playing ground or any of the two football pitches on the ground while the adults train on the outdoor gyms while taking in the view.
The highlight of this park is the Ewloe Castle. It stands majestically on the grounds and tells of great history, and you are welcome to explore.

Try Something Challenging at GreenWood Family Park

GreenWood National Park is so outstanding that it has won several awards. The park is beautiful and packed with dozens of fun things to do.
For starters, it is home to Wale’s longest sledge run, and it drives both kids and adults wild. It is also home to the first people-powered roller coaster, which offers a different, unique experience from the norm. The kids will also love the magicians and their awesome tricks. There are also various challenges that will put your mind and body to the test. They include the crocodile maze, jungle boats challenge, archery, den building, and stilt walking.
GreenWood Family Park is eco-friendly, and virtually everything about it is serene. The staffers are also friendly and the service excellent for an overall amazing experience.

Relive the Medieval at Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle is distinguished as the oldest surviving medieval building in the UK. It is in incredibly good shape as it has been well maintained.
Conwy Castle was built in the 13th century and thus far has survived many wars including many medieval wars that may have been centred around the castle itself. It features a classic medieval setting. It has an outer ward that consists of several chambers and a grand, gigantic hall where past Englishmen once congregated. Its inner chamber contains several dozen chambers and an awesome royal chapel that once hosted the royal nobles of the UK. Outside, it is surrounded by lush grass and ancient trees that complete the medieval appearance.
The castle has a long history that is well-documented, and it is quite exciting. There are also toy castles and knights for the kids to play with.

Bow Out with a Scenic Train Ride

You have not exhausted all that North Wales has to offer yet, but if its time to go don’t leave without riding the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland trains. Both trains make their way through the heart of North Wales and offer spectacular views of the country.
The Ffestiniog railway runs for 13.5 miles from Porthmadog to Blaenau. The Welsh Highland railway, on the other hand, runs for 25 miles and passes through scenic sights including beneath the historic walls of Caernarfon. Both trains are relaxing and give an intimate insight into the Northern woods.
The trains are comfortable and relaxing. You can also enjoy a range of foods and beverages with buffet service at each seat.

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