Make your way to North Wales

North wales is the ideal and favourite place for thrill stimulation for you, your family and friends. Whether you want to explore not only the world-class adrenaline activator or what North Wales offers, it is these in erasable experiences that you would like to encounter.

Go for an expedite of the secret war bunkers of North Wales 

The highest secret tunnel of Rhydymwyn near Flintshire, Mold produced millions of mustard shells when the war was on. The Valley Works location is now the heart of the nature’s reserve. Historians believe it made forty thousand shells in a week in the secret factory. Amateur historians of the Rydymwyn Valley Historical Society have also discovered that a long number of tunnels housed the atomic bombs that were first developed.

Experience paddle boarding in Snowdonia at night 

If you’re adventurous, watch one of the best spots on a paddle board in the dark. The two-hour meeting throughout the year at Llyn Padarn and Llyn Dinas aims to strengthen the senses – the lucky ones can hear the owls hidden behind the trees hooting.

The Pontcysyllte Waterway 

Take a stroll on the world famous Wrexham Waterway. The design of the waterway itself was by Thomas Telford and is 32 metres above the Dee River. The building listed at Level I is the highest navigational waterway world-wide.

Get to enjoy nature while you swim 

Now, people are enjoying swimming in the natural ponds by going the natural way of swimming. The various preserved landscapes of North Wales, referred to as wild bathing, offer many organic outdoor experiences, picturesque rivers, lakes with clear waters, and waterfalls.

Have a cream tea at Tu Hwnt i’r Bont 

Tu Hwnt ir Bont, is the old courtyard near the 15th century bridge near Llanrwst in Conwy. Traditional Welsh coffees and delicious scones are offered in a setting covered by Virginia creepers, a five-leaved ivy. During the Autumn it becomes a tourist attraction.

Fly down the world’s fastest zip line 

When they fly over the lake quarry, adrenaline enthusiasts travel to the Isle of Man on a sunny day and admire the beauty of Anglesey, at speeds exceeding 100 mph. You will love the experience.

At the Little Chilli Shop you can try the hottest chilli 

This chilli extract is not for everyone or just anyone. It is about seven hundred times hotter than an ordinary pepper. By making use of the Bhut Jolokia chilli, which they have tested in over very many Scoville thermal units, perhaps a million then dried to increase heat after dipping it in alcohol. Do you have what it takes to go for it?

Experience Narrow gauge steam trains in North Wales 

To explore the wonderful environment of North Wales, there are various ways. But to take advantage of the thrilling experiences provided by North Wales, it is best to take a narrow locomotive in the area. So, visit North Wales region today and experience a lifetime thrill!

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