Discover North Wales

North Wales is one location that attracts visitors from all around the world. The region is well endowed with natural resources such as mountains, forests, and water bodies. It also has a variety of hotels, some of which require self-service. You will be surprised to find out that it is possible to live in a cabin tucked away in the middle of a forest. In this region, accommodation is available and fits all budgets. Most importantly, there are markets where both visitors and locals can shop. Here is a clear guideline on what to do, where to stay, and where to explore when you are in North Wales.

Flea Markets in North Wales 

Everyone loves some fresh produce from the market. If you are new to the town, you will want some souvenirs to take back home. Here are your choices of flea markets in North Wales:

1. Colwyn Bay Market 

The market operates on Tuesdays and Saturdays all year round from Station Road and Seaview Road. It has electronics, groceries, and all types of meats, games, confectionery, and pet foods.

2. Llandudno Train and Toys Fair 

You can visit the Llandudno Train and Toys Fair for all kinds of toys and trains. The fairs are not always set on predictable dates, so you will have to check the current dates online. In these fairs, you should be able to find many antiques in the traders’ stalls.

What to Eat 

After a day of exploring the wonderful sceneries, you can relax by enjoying a sumptuous Welsh meal. Here are some of the foods you should eat when you get to North Wales:

1. Traditional Welsh Cawl 

This traditional dish has been passed over from family to family for many years. The meal is made of meat and a variety of vegetables. Some of the experienced cooks will serve the food a day after preparing to ensure that all the flavours have developed. The meal is best served in a wooden bowl and a wooden spoon.

2. Glamorgan Sausage 

If you are a vegetarian, North Wales offers Glamorgan sausages to awaken your taste buds. The sausage is made of Caerphilly cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, and parsley. The sausage is then coated with some breadcrumbs. If you want more garnishing, you could take the sausage with the top lined with various herbs.

What to Do 

1. Go hiking at Betws-Y-Coed 

Betws-Y-Coed is a village located just near the Snowdown Mountains. From the village, you get spectacular views of the surrounding woodland. What is more is that there are plenty of bike trails and hiking paths leading to the mountain. From the village, you can also view four rivers that converge below. You can also access the Swallow Falls located a few kilometres from the village.

2. Fishing in Trawsfynydd Lake 

If you are an angler then the lake will offer you the thrill of catching some trout fish and perches. The lake is about 1200 acres. Therefore, you should not expect it to be crowded. You can try fishing from the shores or you can hire a boat and try fly fishing.


North Wales is a region that has, for centuries, maintained its cultural and natural appeal. There are many options for accommodation, places to visit, and things to do. North Wales receives thousands of visitors and the residents are proud of their heritage. Mountain biking, hiking, and fishing are just but the few things you can do in the region. You can visit some of the flea markets on a weekend.

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