Magical North Wales

North Wales is unique in so many ways such that both locals and visitors are always left amazed after they explore the goodness of the region. There are a myriad of activities you can carry out and many awesome places to visit. When it comes to food, North Wales has got it all for family-friendly treats. As you read on, you will discover that the place has many hidden beaches, woodlands, and mountains that are yet to be explored.

Interesting Places to Eat in North Wales 

Everyone loves good food, and a location that lacks unique hotels to eat is often avoided by visitors as well as locals. Here are some of the places you and your family could enjoy some great meals while in North Wales.

1. Sushi Life 

If you love sushi, this restaurant will impress you. The hotel is vegetarian-friendly and offers a variety of options on their menu. The most popular dish on their menu is the Chicken Ramen.

2. Ynyshir, Machynlleth 

This hotel is located in the middle of the Snowdonia Mountains and the Borth Beach. In addition to the unique scenery of the mountains and the beach, the food is amazing.

Places to Visit with Children 

It is always hard to decide on a place where your children can enjoy. Of course, you don’t want to take them to a place where they will get bored due to the lack of friendly activities. These are some of the children friendly places in North Wales.

1. Plas Tan Y Bwlch, Gwynedd 

The gardens are filled with colourful flowers that surround an 18th century home. It has water gardens, Japanese gardens, and a walk terrain that would excite the kids as they pick on the flowers.

2. South Stack Cliffs Reserve 

The cliffs lead to the well known Ellin’s Tower, they are a haven for birdwatchers. Children love birds and it can be a fun family activity. During summer, there are different birds to watch than those found during winter. The cliffs also offer a scenic view of the vast North Wales region.

Tucked Away Places in North Wales 

Ever thought of enjoying some special moments in the middle of nowhere, then North Wales is the place to be.

1. Ty Donkey 

The getaway is a log cabin in the middle of woodland and it is surrounded by streams of water. From the cabin, you can view the mountainous region of the Black Mountains. The cabin has the natural touch of Mother Nature and all that can be heard is water and chirping birds.

2. Harlech Beach 

The path leading to the Harlech Beach is called the Zig Zags and it gives a magical experience for anyone who wants to be in a hidden beach. The walkway leading to the beach is a bit secluded because there are fewer people walking downhill to the beach. The stretch is about 5 miles long. Along the walk, you can even see a wreckage of a plane that crashed during World War II.


North Wales is a haven for adventure lovers. The region is full of mountains, beaches, woodlands, and awesome hotels to eat. Some of the places are children friendly such as gardens, and cliffs. When you are in North Wales, ensure to visit the Harlech Beach, the Ty Donkey cabins, Gallinis Hotel, South Stack Cliff Reserves, and Ynyshir.

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