How to Enjoy a Great North Wales Holiday on a Budget

North Wales is such a beautiful place, there are mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and plenty of rugged countryside that offers the perfect backdrop to any family holiday. A holiday in North Wales is great for those on a budget because there is so much that you can do for free if you take advantage of the natural beauties that the region has to offer. There is also plenty of culture and history that you can enjoy without parting with a single penny. Here are some ideas of things you can do if you are trying to stick to a budget while on your holiday in North Wales.

Try Beachcombing 

Why not head to Shell Island to collect some treasures from the sea? Shell Island is popular with tourists because of the wide variety of shells that get washed up on the beach. The beach is also home to some of the tallest sand dunes throughout Wales and some stunning wildflowers. Always bear in mind when visiting, however, that this is an island and that you do need to be wary of the tides. You can only get to the island by car when the tide is out, though access is always possible on foot. It makes sense, therefore to park up at the nearby station and walk down to the beach.

Visit Gelert’s Grave 

Gelert was the faithful dog of the Welsh price, Llewlyn the Great. Legend has it that Llewlyn killed Gelert when he came home one day to discover his child’s cot empty and Gelert covered in blood. He assumed that the dog had killed his beloved child. After delivering the fatal blow he discovered the child playing nearby as well as the body of a wolf, which the faithful dog had killed to protect the child. Gelert is buried at the spot where he died in Beddgelert, in the middle of Snowdonia. It’s a beautiful village and is well worth a visit.

Mostyn Gallery 

Head into Llandudno for a day and visit Mostyn Gallery. The gallery is part of the Plus Tate programme, a network of arts organisations that work together to share experiences and ideas. You can enjoy contemporary art from Wales as well as international artists. You can also see the collection from Lady Augusta Mostyn, a local artist famed for her part in the development of Llandudno. The gallery also hosts regular exhibitions that celebrate local history, it really is a little gem of a place.

Discover the Walls of Conwy 

Conwy is a medieval town that comes complete with its own castle and is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle, as you would expect, is costly to visit but you can walk the original walls of the town to really get a sense of the history of the place. The climb up to the walls can be steep in some places but it is well worth it for the view that you can get of the town, its harbour and the surrounding countryside. It really is awe-inspiring.

Go to the Whistling Beach 

When you visit North Wales you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches to visit. If you fancy something a bit different, however, you could head to Porthor, located on the Llyn Peninsula. This beach is legendary throughout Wales because of the way that the sand whistles as visitors walk along it. The sound is all down to the shape of the grains of sand when they are rubbed together in warm weather they make the peculiar noise. If you fancy trying some watersports too, this is the place to be.

Visit the National Slate Museum

Experience for yourself what life was like for Victorian slate miners in the region. The National Slate Museum located in Llanberis, Gwynedd is the perfect place to find out all about slate and the lives of the men who mined it. There are frequent demonstrations and talks to enjoy, including slate splitting and the chance to see a working quarry engine. The museum is set within the buildings and workshops of the original mine and is set up in such a way that it really captures the spirit of the place, all that is missing is the miners. The miners’ stories and details of the industrial unrest present at the time are really fascinating, making the museum well worth a visit.

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