Top Parks in North Wales to Visit for Educational Tours

North Wales offers an impressive selection of parks that are not just beautiful but filled with learning opportunities. They are some of the most interesting places to take children for educational tours. Parks in the region vary wildly in their offerings, which makes it easy to find something suitable for children and adults alike. From exciting water activities to the Welsh heritage, you can plan all kinds of educational trips. Whether it’s a school group or a family, you can find several parks in North Wales that are perfect for different experiences. Knowing which parks to focus on for specific activities simplifies your planning. Here are some ideas:

Bodelwyddan Castle and Park 

This attraction has a lot of options for fun activities thanks to the expansive parkland. The Bodelwyddan Castle Museum is a historic house that dates back to the 1460s. Although it has undergone reconstruction over the years, it retains aspects of its Victorian heritage. With collaboration from the Royal Academy of Arts and National Portrait Gallery, the museum has amassed a big collection of art. Children can learn about Welsh art and the architectural inspiration of the building. The grounds are filled with exotic plants that children can learn more about. Bodelwyddan Castle and Park hold WWI exhibitions that are perfect for people looking to understand the war better. Visitors also get to see reproductions of the WWI trenches.


The public has been allowed to access the parkland at Erddig for over 200 years. Erddig is an 18th-century historic house with lush grounds that have been a huge attraction ever since the family was living there. The reason Erddig is a must-visit for an educational tour group is due to the cultural importance that the structure holds. The gentry treated the servants as almost part of the family and even commissioned paintings for them. Some of these art pieces are displayed around the house. The Grade I listed garden at Erddig boasts the national collection of ivy. It also houses some rare fruits trees that would make for great biology and agriculture lessons. The garden took four years to restore to the design used in the 18th century.

Bodnant Garden 

The garden is located near Tal-y-cafn and offers stunning views of the Conwy Valley. With over 80 acres, the park has an impressive range of flowers and plants. Terraces are spread out all over the beautifully manicured lawns. Henry Pochin established the garden in 1874 and filled it with flowers and plants from all over the world. Bodnant Garden is considered the first home of magnolias in Britain. In the 1920s, it produced the first rhododendron hybrids. It also has the National Collections of Rhododendron forrestii, Embothrium and Eucryphia. The different exotic plants and trees in Bodnant Garden are must-see for educational tours around the area. People can learn about the various plants and flowers from places like China, Japan and North America that fare well in the Welsh climate. There is always something to see during the different seasons from roses in summer to daffodils in spring.

Plas Newydd House and Garden 

Visit the garden at the Plas Newydd House during autumn and come into contact with fresh flowers from herbaceous plants, including rudbeckias, cannas and dahlias. The 18th-century mansion rests on the Menai Strait shores, giving visitors gorgeous views of Snowdonia. Plas Newydd’s history goes back to Henry William Paget and several Marques of Anglesey. Later, Conway cadets stayed at the house for several years. The military museum should be included in the itinerary as it offers an opportunity to see relics from the battle of Waterloo. School groups and other visitors can learn more about the role of the Plas Newydd House in Welsh and British history. The parkland has an Australasia arboretum, woodlands and a terraced garden that was restored to its 1920 original design. The various areas provide numerous species of flowering plants and trees from which to learn.

North Wales parks are some of the best places to visit for educational tours because they offer a little bit of everything. Besides local and exotic collections of plants, most parks have other attractions such as museums, historic houses and churches that make educational trips more interesting. The scope of the tour will dictate the parks to visit in North Wales.

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