Top 7 Attractions in Llandudno

Llandudno is one of the most famous locations in North Wales. The area is full of falls, prehistoric sites, and many natural attractions. Here are some of the tops attractions: 

1. The Great Orme 

The Great Orme is probably the most important attraction in the town of Llandudno. It is mostly made of limestone and dolomite. This place was an important copper mine in the Bronze Age and is said to have produced 2,000 tonnes of bronze in that particular period. There are still many prehistoric remains of the old copper mines. 

2. Llandudno Cable Car 

The Llandudno cable car is the longest car lift in the UK. It rises to a height of 65 feet above sea level and can give you spectacular views of the Puffin Island, Snowdonia Mountains, and Anglesey. The cable car can also take you to the Great Orme. 

3. Oriel Mostyn Art Gallery 

The Oriel Mostyn is a picturesque art gallery which showcases some of the best art of all time. Works from many up and coming artists from various places around the world are displayed in this gallery. It has a 20th-century facade and is quite friendly. The gallery regularly hosts exhibitions and shows. 

4. The Llandudno Ski Slope 

The Llandudno ski slope is located on the slopes of Happy Valley. If you visit Llandudno with your family, you should consider setting up your picnic in this serene environment. There are many activities for you to enjoy in this place, including a visit to an elephant cave. This place also offers breath-taking views of the Irish Sea. Being a ski slope, you can be sure to meet many people snowboarding and skiing. You will have an easy time finding the skiing equipment in the area. The place is also complete with lodges that offer great food and high levels of comfort. 

5. Llandudno Museum 

The Llandudno Museum tells the story of the transformation of the area from a small pre-historic village to an industrial centre. This industrial centre eventually grew to become a popular coastal tourist destination. The museum was founded in 1972 when Francis Chardon gave the town his art collection. The collections in this museum are arranged in chronological order. The categories include Prehistory, Roman, Medieval War Time, and The Resort. Bronze age tools from the Great Orme copper mine can be seen in this museum, and they are still stained from the copper ore. The Resort section of the museum shows how the town took a turn and became a major resort town in North Wales. 

6. The Welsh Mountain Zoo 

If you travel just about 15 minutes off the town of Llandudno, you will arrive at the Welsh Mountain Zoo. This zoo houses some of the most exotic animals in the UK, including seals and chimps. Lar Gibbons can also be seen at this zoo. Watching them swing through the trees is quite fascinating. If you love animals and nature, you will definitely have a good time at this zoo. 

7. Llandudno Pier 

Your holiday is not complete if you have not had a stroll along the Llandudno Pier. This place is great for lovers and families alike. There are two amusement arcades that will surely impress your kids. One of these arcades, the Penny Arcade, still provides some old games and slot machines. The place also has a funfair ride and slide. These can also provide lots of entertainment to your children. If you are travelling as a group of adults, you can head over to the bar at the head of the pier. If you get hungry, you can head over to the cafe that is located near the bar. 


Llandudno has something for every type of traveller. You can visit the place with friends, family, or just your significant other. The most famous attraction is the Great Orme. This is an area that contains remains of Bronze Age copper miners. A visit to the Llandudno Museum will give you a closer look into the lives led by these miners. Other notable attractions include the Llandudno Pier, the Welsh Mountain Zoo, the Oriel Mostyn Art Gallery, and the Llandudno Cable Car.

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