The Snowdon

Mountain Biking Heaven: Why You Need To Climb The Snowdon.

Standing tall at 1,085m, Snowdon is the highest Mountain in all of Wales and also happens to be the second highest point (after Scotland) in the British Isles. The mountain is the backdrop of the exceptional Snowdonia National Park and should be on the bucket list of every British mountain biking enthusiast riding in North Wales. 

What Mountain Bikers Should Expect When Riding Snowdon

Mount Snowdon offers a bike-able summit that is over 1,000m high – something that is very rare in the UK. What’s even more exciting is the fact that bikers are allowed to ride to and from the summit. Ordinarily, cyclists are only allowed to ride the lower pass tracks that give you access to the saddle point, but with Snowdon, you can climb and perch your bike at the top of the mountain then ride back down unrestrictedly. However, there is a Snowdown Voluntary Cycling Agreement which restricts you from cycling between 10 AM and 5 PM during the busy summer months, May 1 – September 31 where there are a lot of hiking tourists. 
Speaking of which, the 10 AM – 5 PM biking ban means that you can avoid the hordes of tourists and the quieter trail traffic makes it a lot safer for you and allows you to ride on maximum speed especially when scaling down the mountain. 

Being the highest point, Snowdon offers breathtaking views that are quite expansive and its even more beautiful during the winter season. 

Biking Paths to the Top of Snowdon 

There are four main paths for bikers in Snowdon. Each track has its difficulty level so before settling on a road you should be honest about your riding skills and try to stick to the same path when descending to avoid getting lost. 

Here are the paths you can use when riding Snowdon: 

The Llanberis Path 

This is the most famous drag up the mountain. The route starts at Llanberis town which is at the mountain’s foot. 

Llanberis Path is full, pretty straightforward, perfect for beginners. When taking this route, you’ll be able to ride the majority of it; there are a few stretches where you’ll have to climb off your bike and push. The decent is also very straightforward and not as challenging for an experienced biker. However, if you relish descending at top speed, then you’ll have this path. 

The Rangers Path 

A top choice for intermediate bikers, this path is a lot harder than Llanberis and is also longer, curvier, more diverse and features spectacular views. There’s every reason to love this path. 

Telegraph Valley 

Perfect for descending, the Telegraph Valley is narrow, doesn’t offer much regarding views but it is a joyous path for bikers an all-out speed riding down the mountain. 

Rhyd Ddu Path 

This path is highly recommended for the experts. It’s very long, very intensive and dangerous. The terrain is not all-weather, it can get quite slippery during snow and wet seasons and demands more stamina since you’ll walk most of the route. However, for a rider relishing the challenge, the Rhyd Ddu path offers the wildest ride you’ll find in Wales or England. 


Snowdon is the ultimate test for any biker. It demands adequate preparedness and discipline but overall it offers an exciting adventure of a lifetime.

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