Five Reasons to Buy A Static Holiday Caravan In North Wales

Caravan holiday homes are becoming popular in North Wales. This is due to the regions high reputation as the hotspot for stunning scenery and adventure parks. It ranked fourth in on Lonely Planet’s list of Best in Travel in 2017. The local cuisines also make the area a favourite holiday site for most tourists. Even though there are over a thousand and one reasons to visit North Wales, do you need to buy a caravan holiday home? Here are five reasons you should consider.


Those who are looking for a home during the holidays can opt for either a static caravan or a holiday cottage. Choosing the latter will imply additional maintenance cost especially if it is an old cottage. Even the initial price of most static caravans is lower than that of cottages. Caravans for sale on Lyons holiday parks are properly maintained. They also come with existing facilities. Even more, there are caravans specifically for holiday goers on a budget. Buying one of these will significantly cut down your vacation costs in the subsequent visits.

Everything in one place 

A holiday caravan allows you to have all the amenities you need in one place. Whether it is a spacious living room, a zoned kitchen or a centralised heating system, you can get this in most of the holiday parks in North Wales. Besides, numerous amenities close to the home are suitable for all members of the family.

Personalised style 

Owning a holiday home in parks such as Eryl Hall allows you to bring your home style with you during the holidays. Even though most of the designs have the elegant British touch, you can also add a personal touch to the interior design. Those who love spending their holidays in a countryside cottage-like setting can style up their caravans to suit their tastes.

Investment opportunity 

Owning a holiday caravan in North Wales is an investment opportunity as well. You may rent it out to friends, couples, or family members who are planning a romantic retreat. You can also sell the home at a profit when you no longer need it. Furthermore, one can pass it to the next generation as an inheritance. You can start with a budget caravan and rent it out to raise money for a prestigious one for your loved one or family.

You might not help it 

Most of the tourists who visit North Wales end up purchasing a static caravan because they fall in love with the area. It might happen to you too.

Just as buying a home, buying a holiday caravan is a significant financial step. If you will be using it during your vacations, ensure it is located in a park that is close to your favourite sites. Otherwise, you will have to travel long distances to your popular vacation spot. Again ensure it has all the facilities that you consider essential. Visit our sites for an overview of the different caravan homes on sales.

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