Seven Ways to Make You Feel at Home on Holiday

Being at home is nice; being able to do what you want and when you want to, a feeling of being ‘at home’. But if it’s so perfect, we wouldn’t constantly be thinking about our next holiday; so why not have the best of both worlds? We’ve done some digging and put together our top tips of ways you can get on the road, but still feel perfectly at home regardless of where you’re staying. A lot of the ideas we have here are simple, yet effective, with the objective of saving you money, time and stress and making you feel comfy and cosy on your holiday, from start to finish. That said, you might be interested in a more permanent solution to holiday cravings, so why not put your name on the door? Check out our great selection of caravans for sale, North Wales, and get inspired to take the leap and become an owner.

LED Fairy Lights

String fairy lights

Not just for Christmas, fairy lights or string lights are a fun and practical way to add a low level of lighting to any area. Using LED lights offers the benefits of durability, energy efficiency and safety. The lights do not give off heat so are cool to touch meaning they are safe for children and safe to be used outside. They also don’t require installation or attachment and can be wrapped around or temporarily taped to any surface.

Use them to decorate any area and immediately add ambience, these are specifically useful for the bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere and give off softer light as not to strain the eyes.

Pillows/Pillow Cases

While you’re on holiday, you want to make sure you get the best night’s sleep possible in order to enjoy your time during the day. Taking your bed or mattress is by no means an option, however, bringing a pillow or a pillowcase is. The benefit of doing this will be that because you’re using something that has a familiar feeling and a familiar smell, you will immediately be more comfortable, and your brain will associate the smell and feel of the pillow to bedtime which means you’ll be drifting off in no time!

Use the Fruit Bowl

Mixed fruit in a fruit bowl

Most, if not all, lodges, caravans, chalets and holiday homes have a fruit bowl which is typically never used as more than somewhere to store the keys, and the holiday brochure you left there on your first day. Instead, make use of it and keep it topped up with your favourite fresh fruit. This will encourage you to eat healthily during your time away, resulting in you having more energy and not worrying about when your next snack will be. This will also mean you’re interacting with the items in your new environment, something simple like this can help to make you feel more at home and will build your relationship with your new inhabited space.

Unpack Straight Away

Whether you’re staying for two nights, two weeks or two months, you’ll want to unpack as soon as you get into your new accommodation because if you don’t do it then, you likely never will! Unpacking your bags and using the provided storage space such as draws and wardrobes will make the process of dressing and undressing more familiar. Plus, nobody wants to be getting dresses out of a suitcase every day, you wouldn’t do that at home!

Bring a Blanket/Throw

Cute dog wrapped in blanket

Perfect for cold winter nights in, most soft throws can be doubled up as blankets and are perfect to have as an additional layer in bed or as an extra layer in front of the tele. When not in use, they can simply be used as a throw and be put on the furniture or stored away for the evening.

Prepack the Essentials

How many times have you gone on holiday and realised your accommodation is missing the essentials? Washing up liquid and cooking oil are the main culprits, with salt and pepper and sometimes even hand towels being missing. We recommend coming prepared with your very own starter kit! Look around your home and see what you use every day, the simple stuff, and buy or take a spare, we recommend combining this tip with the next one to take your holidaying to the next level.

Box Yourself In

Putting together a prepacked box of essentials to take with you will really save you the stress of not having what you need when you arrive. Make a list of what you need and get stocked up before you leave for your holiday. Having a dedicated storage container will mean not having to dig around last minute for a spare pillowcase and towel meaning you can just load up and go! Top tip: taping a copy of the list to the inside of the lid will help you remember to pick up replacements/refills when necessary, we’ve started a list of caravanning essentials for you:

Olive Oil
Washing Up Liquid
Dish Cloth
Hand Towel
Tea Towel
Wet Wipes
Table Condiments
Salt & Pepper
Tea Bags

Remember these tips when you’re booking your next holiday adventure and let us know how they have helped you! Get in touch on Facebook and Twitter; we’d love to hear some holiday stories and maybe some top tips of your own.

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