5 of the Most Instagrammable Spots in North Wales This Autumn

While holidays are the perfect time for a digital detox, reconnecting with family and friends and having fun, no holiday is complete without the perfect, postcard-worthy snap – if it’s not on ‘the Gram’, did it even happen?  Thanks to the sheer beauty of North Wales and the diverse landscape it has to offer, our holiday parks are never far away from the ideal backdrop to your holiday album cover.

We’ve taken a look at several of our favourite spots for photographers to explore near our caravans for sale in North Wales, be it for professional images or a snap for your family WhatsApp group, so you can add some of Wales’ most photogenic scenes to your bucket list! These spots are particularly beautiful as the trees are beginning to lose their leaves and finding your way to these Welsh beauty spots is all part of the fun!

The Lonely Tree

The Lonely Tree

Head to the large, unsurfaced car park at Lyn Padarn Country Park, on the outskirts of Llanberis, and head towards the right. It will soon become apparent what we are referring to when we call it the Lonely Tree, although it isn’t really all that lonely! A single tree grows on the edge of the Lyn Padarn, and there’s something extra special about the scene as the bare branches make the ideal foreground focus, with dramatic clouds and the dominating, mountainous scenery in the background. Head at sunset or sunrise for some impressive colours or on a clear, still day to make the most of the reflections.

The Menai Bridge

The Menai Bridge

Anyone looking to visit Anglesey during their holiday to Wales is likely to do so via the Menai Bridge, the world’s first iron suspension bridge that finds itself the subject of iconic photographs far and wide. Whole mornings will soon pass you by as you try to capture the impressive structure from an array of different positions and perspectives, and the trees that surround the bridge are stripped of their leaves for added effect. You won’t be the first to capture this quintessentially Welsh scene, and we’re sure you won’t be the last, but what makes this photo opportunity so fantastic is that every single shot can capture something different.

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle

The charming town of Conwy boasts plenty to see and do, including exploring the ancient castle, which has been described as one of the ‘great fortresses of medieval Europe’. Whether you’re looking upwards at the towering town walls or looking over the complex layout from a watchtower, an image captured here can convey all the magic and history of a time gone by and will be something you look back on with fond memories in the future. Visiting during the autumn will allow you to snap the castle without featuring the bustling crowds that frequent during the summer, yet still avoid the perishing, sub-zero temperatures of the winter.

Literally Anywhere in Snowdonia

Snowdonia at Sunset

Whether you decide to climb Snowdon or not, a visit to the National Park is a must while you’re staying in North Wales. The park consists of 838 square miles featuring a plethora of rivers, lakes, forests and fantastic views at every turn. With so much to explore, you may wish to spend the day following one of the many trails and capturing anything that catches your eye en route. Wildlife-lovers rejoice, for there will be many opportunities to capture some of the resident Welsh animals for others to enjoy. There’s something undeniably romantic about the bareness of the stark trees in front of rolling landscapes and any dramatic weather experienced in the region is multiplied in Snowdonia.


Village of Portmeirion

Image credit: Jeff Buck

Just outside Snowdonia sits the fairy-tale village of Portmeirion, one of the area’s most photogenic spots that looks just as good on film as it does in real life. The coloured houses could be likened to that of Balamory, but that only further contributes to the curious charm of this little village. The destination is surrounded by trees and walks exploring the forests and waterfalls nearby are highly recommended, not least for the number of photographic opportunities. If possible, the village is even prettier when carpeted with autumnal oranges, yellows and browns and is the perfect autumn escape for couples, families and lone travellers.

We hope this guide to some of the most snap-happy spots in Wales has provided you with some inspiration for your next holiday, and whether the photos are good or not, you enjoy a fantastic holiday with us! If you’d like to talk to anyone about making the holidays a little more regular, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team to discuss the caravans and holiday homes we have for sale across our parks, allowing you to establish a home away from home and capture these beautiful locations whenever you want!

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