8 Family Beach Games

Sadly the school holidays are drawing to an end, but there is still time to visit our North Wales caravan parks and have a day at the beach before the autumn weather arrives! A day at the beach, complete with ice creams and fish and chips, is a true British tradition and a lovely way to spend the day when visiting the stunning Welsh coastline near our holiday parks.

But it isn’t just about sandcastles and taking a dip in the sea, there are loads of great games to play as a family on the beach, and we have listed some of our favourites below. Don’t worry about bringing loads of extra things with you, as many of the seaside towns in North Wales have plenty of accessories and equipment to make your holiday more fun!


Requiring just a football, you can set up the great game anywhere you go. Mark out goal posts on the sand, pick teams and get playing! On busy beaches, be mindful of people around you who won’t want footballs coming flying towards them. Have some of the adults play on the perimeter of the game to stop the ball from going too far, or head to a part of the beach with more space.


Pick up a beach ball from one of North Wales seaside shops to use for a game of dodgeball. As well as in teams, dodgeball can be played individually, trying to avoid being hit by the ball and grabbing it to throw it at someone. To make clear who has been hit, have that person sit down, but they can still get back ‘in’ the game if the ball comes near and they grab it. Dodgeball is a beach game best suited for older children.


A game of frisbee is something everyone can enjoy – even the dog! Frisbees can be found in beach shops along with buckets, spades and playing with one doesn’t require much skill, so even young children can join in. You can add an extra element to your frisbee game by trying to hit targets with it, such as a blanket, towel, umbrella or a hole in the sand.


Get yourself a rounders or cricket set to have a game on the beach. Beach sets are often covered with foam, so much easier to hold and will stop the ball from travelling too far. A game of rounders needs space, so it is best to set up a game on a quiet beach. Split into teams, one batting and one fielding and remember to keep score on who gets a home run.

Spade on the beach


If you don’t want to use up a lot of space with your beach game, badminton is a good option. You can get beach badminton sets consisting of a small net, rackets and shuttlecocks which can be set up quickly. Badminton can be played as singles or doubles, so depending on the size of the group headed to the beach, everyone is sure to get a go at it!

Kite Flying

North Wales beaches are perfect for flying kites as the wind coming from the Irish Sea will keep them in the air for ages. Many beach shops sell kites of varying size and shape, some that need an adult to handle and others that kids can easily have a go with. If you want to fly a kite on the beach, make sure it is a somewhat windy day, and you have space to get it to swoop it about.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great game for the whole family can join in. You can either go on a quest for pretty pebbles, shells, sea glass and driftwood, collecting them in a bucket to admire together or set a challenge of searching for particular beach treasures. On busy beaches, it is best to stay in couples or groups, especially with young kids. Treasure hunting can go on for hours too, so you are sure to have lots of exciting things collected at the end of the day.

Sand Drawing

Turn the golden sand into your sketchbook with some sand drawing! All you need is a stick to make marks in the sand, and use some of your beach treasure to decorate, such as seaweed, shells and rocks. Sand drawing is something everyone can try, from babies to grandparents. Why not give prizes to the most creative, and take pictures of the finished piece to remember the fun you had when you head home?

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