Year of the Sea 2018: Try Stand Up Paddleboarding in North Wales

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a sport for everyone – you can try it on rivers, canals, the sea, whitewater and even with your dog! Our North Wales caravan parks are close by to some of the best places for doing SUP in the whole of the UK. If you enjoy trying something new, having fun and don’t mind getting wet, we recommend booking a session at one of the activity centres in North Wales when you visit on your holidays.

Person on a SUP board in North Wales

Take a look below at the places to try SUP when on your holidays. Many places provide the board, paddle and wetsuits – all you need to bring is a lot of enthusiasm!

Stand Up Paddle Board UK

Stand Up Paddle Board UK offers sessions doing flat water SUP and whitewater SUP. Flatwater SUP is ideal for beginners, and the sessions give you a chance to learn the basics of the sport, covering safety, launching and the best strokes and more. The flat-water SUP trips take you down the Llangollen canal. If you want to try something more exhilarating, whitewater paddleboarding on rapids is also an option, and no prior experience is required.

Only available to over 16s, the whitewater SUP is priced from £55pp for a half day. Sessions for flat water are £45pp and last up to three hours, starting at 9am or 1:30pm. The minimum age is 8, and under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, paddles and paddle boards are provided.

Psyched Paddleboarding

Set up by Sian Sykes, Psyched Paddleboarding gives you high quality and memorable SUP adventures on a tranquil lake in Snowdonia or along the rugged Anglesey coastline. For beginners, the Intro to Paddleboarding is the best option; the two-hour session gives you a chance to learn the basics from prone paddling, kneeling to standing up. When you have completed the session, you can then try other activities such as night paddling or go on a mini UP safari. You are sure to be hooked after just one session!

Prices are from £40pp open group booking, £45pp open group and £50pp private closed group. The paddling equipment is provided, along with a wetsuit, changing robe and hot drinks and biscuits to end the session with. If you are booking with children, you need to book a private booking. Requirements are being able to swim 50 metres, for all ages in the group.

Person on a SUP board in North Wales

Colwyn Bay Watersports

Colwyn Bay Watersports offers SUP intro sessions at £55, which is required if you are a beginner. It takes three hours and covers safety, paddle strokes, launching and landing. After that, you can then hire out boards and wetsuits for your own sessions, priced from £15 for one hour or £30 for three.

The sessions with Colwyn Bay Watersports are offered to groups or individuals, and as no prior experience is required, with little on-land training needed, it is an activity you can easily get into – after trying it once, you will be able to understand why it is becoming one of the most popular water sports in the UK.

Anglesey Outdoors

Anglesey Outdoors offers stand up paddle boarding sessions on inflatable boards, which are super stable and perfect for first-timers. You can start kneeling and when you feel ready, stand up and paddle like a professional. Sessions can take you all around the Anglesey coastline, depending on weather conditions, taking you on the Cymyran Straits or cruise along the coast visit little coves.

Anglesey Outdoors sessions are not recommended to under 12s, and they run for a half day. Groups are a maximum of eight people to one instructor. Wetsuits and buoyancy aids are provided, but you would need to bring a swimming costume to wear under the wetsuit, thin shoes, towel and spare clothes. Prices are £42 for an adult on a half day or £66 for a full day. Family prices are also available.

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