Children’s Easter Activities You Can Do While You’re Away

Many of us choose to enjoy a holiday over the Easter break, with spring edging ever closer and our winter hibernation almost over, getting away at this time of year can often refresh and rejuvenate the whole family! For children (and some adults), Easter is an exciting time full of fun activities, and this celebration doesn’t have to be put on hold while you’re away. We’ve put together a great list of Easter-related activities that can be easily arranged during your holiday!


No childhood Easter doesn’t include the classic shredded wheat nest. Simple, yet delicious for little ones, the bird’s nest like cakes are both fun to make and easy to do! Perfect for an indulgence during your holiday. All you need is melted milk chocolate, shredded wheat, a handful of mini chocolate eggs, cases and some patience waiting for them to set.

Enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt

Fond childhood memories are often made over Easter, baking cakes, getting crafty and of course, following a trail and hunting for your eggs in the great outdoors! Whether you choose to create a trial for your child, or you join in with a pre-arranged one, there is a wealth of fun waiting to be had! The National Trust Easter trails are famed amongst children and the family-friendly day out is always one to be remembered. You and your family could find yourselves exploring a historic castle on the hunt for an egg, or you may be touring around a country house or garden. Each trail brings you closer to nature, exploring the beautiful places while on a quest for a sweet treat!

Easter Egg hunt in North Wales

Watch an Easter Film

Whether it’s raining and cold outside or you’ve all had an action-packed day, bring along an Easter-related film to pop on when you all need some time to relax on your holiday. We love the Universal Pictures Easter film, Hop and of course, the new release, Peter Rabbit.

Paint a Boiled Egg

For young children, it is often much easier to paint a hard-boiled egg rather than a blown one! Although, if you are popping them on your spring table, make sure to throw them out before they start to smell. Eggs can be painted in any way the decorator chooses, although given the time of year, something Easter related is always recommended, with the colours of spring to brighten your day.

a child painting a boiled egg for Easter

Present an Easter Play

For those looking to express their creativity while they are away, encouraging an Easter play can be a great way to get your children’s minds active, and gives you a great holiday memory to share with their partners when they get older! There is the added benefit of it not costing a penny either, so let your creativities run wild and sit back and enjoy the show!

Learn About Spring

Easter is not just about chocolate eggs and bunnies. It is at this time of year that nature comes to life, and we begin to immerge from our winter lull. The birds once again sing their songs, the vibrant yellow daffodils dot the hedgerows and gardens, there are tadpoles in the ponds and lambs in the field. A great Easter activity that can be enjoyed as a family is an exploration of the outdoors to see all of the wonderful new life that Easter and spring brings.

  spring daffodils in North Wales

Treat Yourself to Something Sweet

Of course, we all like to treat ourselves to a sweet treat once in a while and it would be rude not to indulge at Easter. Bring along your Easter gifts and chocolate goodies to your holiday accommodation and snack as you please! You are on holiday after-all.

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