Help With Packing For a Holiday With Kids

Planning for a holiday can be overwhelming, especially when there are children in tow. There always seem to be so much stuff to take and your kids will always think you have forgotten something! Our top tips will help make packing so much easier for you, leaving the whole family to have more time to get excited for the holiday to come!

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One of the first steps to help make packing easier is going for child-friendly accommodation such as our holiday parks in North Wales, as there are attractions and activities in the parks to entertain your kids, so you can cut down on what you need to bring.

Make Individual Packing Lists

Making a packing list for every member of the family will make the process much easier, as you can cross items off that are packed, and leave a note next to those that need packing last. Having a list also means you can go back and double check before heading out the door, avoiding any need to turn around when you are already on the road! Make a duplicate of the individual lists for when you are coming home too, so there won’t be anything left behind in your holiday accommodation.

Avoiding Sharing Bags

It is tempting to share bags, especially for younger children, but it makes things a whole lot more confusing. When you have two or three people’s personal items in one bag, things will become disorganised. For clothes, it is not so bad when they are packed in together – as long you know who’s who! Have a backpack with names on for yourself and your children to have personal items like books, toys, toothbrush, favourite sippy cup and bibs.

Let Your Kids Help

Let your kids have some input on what they want to bring, then narrow it down without them (they will probably want to bring their whole collection of soft toys!). Having your children help will teach them about responsibility but also get them excited for the upcoming holiday. You can give them tasks about what toys and books they want to bring too, and let them have a choice of clothes if they are older.

Share Toiletries

If you are going to be sharing one bathroom, it makes sense to share the majority of the toiletries such as shampoo and shower gel. Reducing it to one bag for your kids means you can easily keep it in one place – helpful for packing to go back home! Alternatively, use travel toiletries so you don’t need to pack in lots of bulking bottles that can be used for the holiday. Of course, the parents can have a backup bag for the extra pieces they need.

Buy When You Arrive

For babies and toddlers, you will no doubt end up buying nappies etc. when you arrive. Keep this in mind so that you don’t need to pack a bulk of nappies. The same goes for food, as this will avoid needing to transport loads of food around and is much more environmentally friendly! Obviously, if you or your children have special dietary requirements, you may want to pack them in case.

Do you have any helpful tips when you pack for your family holiday – we’d love to hear them so comment on our social media channels!

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