Year of the Sea 2018: Water Sports in North Wales

Will you be embarking on any water sport activities during your visit to North Wales? With so many epic adventures waiting to be had, your holiday will be one to be remembered!

White-water Rafting Along the River Dee

The River Dee flows for over 70 miles, amongst the stunning Welsh and English countryside, as well as through the gorgeous mountain range of Snowdonia. What might first appear as a picturesque meandering river, will after a short exploration, reveal the fast flowing and captivating white waters. With twists and turns, rapids and undulating waterways, the stretch of rushing water is the perfect location for any aspiring or tried and testing adrenaline junkie. Visitors and residents alike must be water confident and ready to get soaked when signing up for this fun-filled activity as each rafting session is likely to be more exhilarating than the last water-powered adventure.

A group of people on holiday in North Wales white water rafting.

Paddleboarding, Colwyn Bay

As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, paddleboarding tends to enchant most who are willing to give it ago. All that is required is a good swimming ability, a fair balance, a board and a paddle. This activity is best suited to calm and flat waters, which makes the North Wales coast perfect for it! The serenity of a mill pond sea allows users to relax amongst the encaptivating ocean, exploring the coast one stroke at a time. Although the sport may appear challenging from afar as the user seems to be standing directly on the water, it is in fact, reasonably fast to pick up. The board is surprisingly buoyant, so all you really need to think about is standing, paddling and enjoying the breath-taking views.

A girl paddleboarding in North Wales

Sea Kayaking, Anglesey

Discover some of the incredible sea life on board a sea kayak. The peaceful movement and quietness of your ride along the water makes it perfect for those keen to spot some of the diverse wildlife in the area. It also provides users with the opportunity to explore the undiscovered coves and hop on and off easily when you uncover an untouched beach, perfect for a secluded sunbathe or a tranquil picnic with your fellow adventurers. Sea kayaking is not only for those looking for a relaxing ride, as when the tide turns, and the waves pick up, you can head into the crashing white water and catch yourself a ride back in land. The mix of interesting rocks and once in a lifetime coves, as well as the blood pumping wave riding, means sea kayaking is perfect for groups with a range of interests!

Sea kayaks in North Wales

Wild Swimming, Moel-y-Faen

The captivating turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon and beautiful surrounding rocks makes the lake at Moel-y-Faen perfect for a wild dip. Surrounded by woodlands, the adventure and path to the lake is equally as inspiring, but the real delight is when you jump into the crystal-clear waters and admire all that is around you. Swimming outdoors has increased in popularity lately, with many heading to the quiet rivers and lakes of Wales to immerse themselves in nature! The cold and refreshing waters, stunning surroundings and health benefits gained are just a few of the reasons for braving a dip.

A man is swimming in a lake in North Wales.

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