3 of the Best Reasons to Visit North Wales on Your Next Holiday

As the short days and cold nights begin to ease, the daffodils and snowdrops have sprung and there is a sense of new life in the air, we begin to anticipate and look forward to spring, and all of the rewarding outdoor explorations we can once again embark upon. The winter hibernation is almost over, and our minds are wishful for the weekends away and week-long escapades ahead. As we conjure up our wildest holiday dreams and think of more than a handful of reasons to pick just one destination, the confusion of all that is available can be overwhelming, which is why we have put together a handy guide of why your next staycation destination should be in North Wales.

Natural Wonders

North Wales is renowned for the diverse and outstandingly beautiful landscape. Each new town you explore, each turn you take in your car and each new discovery you make is sure to deliver show-stopping views. Whether the views are of rolling green hills that are dotted with livestock, ancient buildings with walls trapping the secrets of history within them, inviting pebbled bays or awe-inspiring golden beaches, each sight is unique and more memorable than the last.

Within these natural wonders and breath-taking landscapes are visual delights for all who search for them. The landscape rewards those who head off the beaten track to discover some of the hidden gems.

The coastline of North Wales is as dramatic as it is inviting, perfect for lazy days with your loved ones, making sandcastles, enjoying ice creams and wandering around the Victorian seaside towns. The area has not only been put on the staycation destination map for its beaches, as a walk through ancient woodlands leads you to some of the most picturesque waterfalls in the whole of Wales. Nestled within the National Park of Snowdonia, Aber Falls attracts thousands of visitors to the area each year, captivating each and every one. If these natural wonders alone aren’t enough to choose this stunning location for your next holiday, then it’s likely the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will. With the sweeping views, windswept landscape and fascinating history, there is so much more to discover here than first meets the eye.


Known as the UK’s capital of adventure, North Wales has an abundance of blood-pumping, thrill seeking adventures to be had! From flying through the sky on the world’s fastest zip wire, to delving deep underground at Bounce Below. Holidays offer the perfect opportunity to put your limits to the test and try something completely new and adrenalin-fuelled but, if soaring as high as the birds or exploring dark caves below the earth’s surface doesn’t sound appealing to you, then water sports might! Whether you choose to do something extreme like white water rafting or coasteering, or you’d prefer something more leisurely like kayaking around Bala Lake, there is something for all adventure seekers.


From lakes spell bound by mystical legends to imposing battle forts like Conwy Castle, the North of this spectacular country is steeped in history. With a Roman withdrawal and evidence of ancient bathing houses, the English Invasions and the erection of an Iron Ring of castles, there is something for all history buffs and even more for those open to learn and discover.

Where will your next North Wales staycation take you and what are your reasons for visiting this incredible place? Let us know via our social media channels – we would love to hear from you.

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