7 of the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Activities

Looking to create a special Valentine’s Day for your loved one this year but are struggling to think of a way to whisk them off their feet and make them feel appreciated? Forget about the flowers and boxes of chocolates (well, maybe get them as well), here are seven romantic ideas that are guaranteed to say, ‘I love you’ and help you to make the 14th of February a memorable one!

Tulips for Valentine's Day

Spa Day

Kick back and relax as you both enjoy a day at a spa being pampered from head to toe. Spoil yourselves and indulge with facials, massages and dipping in and out of the Jacuzzi and sauna. Not only is it romantic, but you’ll both feel rejuvenated and well rested after.

visit a spa on Valentine's Day


Many people say they don’t like surprises but, when the surprise is a romantic getaway together to a beautiful location, they can’t be too angry, can they? There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a surprise holiday. Booking time off work without your partner knowing, packing bags and arranging accommodation and meals out – the list goes on! Although the organisation may seem stressful, it will be worth the extra effort when you and your partner get to share a wonderful break away.

Bike Ride

You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to make Valentine’s Day romantic and sometimes, small gestures or the simplest of activities can be better than showering your partner in gifts. Pack you and your partner a delicious picnic and a glass or two of something fizzy, pump up your bicycle tires and head somewhere beautiful. Our Wales caravans for sale are within reachable distance to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area, so you can spend an hour or two cycling and enjoy your lunches together while surrounded by a stunning landscape.

a bike ride on Valentine’s Day


North Wales is home to three fantastic theatres, all with varied and interesting programs. Why not try a performance or show that you’ve never seen before? Live performances, whether that’s late-night jazz or classical, a drama, comedy or improvisation are sure to provide you and your date with a great activity you can enjoy together on one of the most romantic days of the year.

Take a Class

Has your partner always wanted to have ago at throwing a pot? Or maybe you’d like to make a personalised stain glass window for your home? There is an abundance of interesting and fun classes that you and your partner can take part in on Valentine’s Day. Learning something new together can be an entertaining way to spend a few hours and you are likely to come home with special memorabilia of your day.

making a pot on a potter's wheel

Evening Meal

It is a classic that never fails to impress. Treat your partner to a night of being wined and dined, with no washing up in sight. Restaurants and bars put in a lot of extra effort for Valentine’s Day, with special romance themed menus, sparkling drinks and glitter and candles on every table, you’ll both leave feeling extra special and loved up.

Canoe or Kayaking

What is your ideal day? If is exploring some of Wales’ most beautiful scenery with your favourite person then a couple of hours on top of the water may be the perfect date day for you. Jumping on a kayak or canoe and paddling your way around the waterways is a thrilling adventure that the outdoor lovers amongst you are sure to love. The slower pace of the local meandering rivers or duck-pond lakes are great for your lazy, loved-up day.

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