A Guide for Beginners Climbing Mount Snowdon

The attraction of climbing a mountain lures many, with the snow-capped peaks, deep gorges, dramatic rock formations, woodlands and rivers and lakes, the natural beauty awarded for those who put the effort in to explore and hike one of the world’s greatest marvels is abundant! Climbing a mountain can be both exhilarating, rewarding and one of the biggest physical challenges of your life. Reaching the summit of a mountain and admiring the diversity of the incredible panoramic views, for most, makes your hard work and effort to get there worthwhile.

Hiking equipment.

For many people, who aren’t regular hikers, climbing Mount Snowdon is quite achievable if you and your group have a moderate level of fitness.  But, there are several aspects of the hike that need to be carefully considered to ensure you and your party stay safe, respect the challenge and ultimately, have a fantastic time. For some top tips, continue reading out guide for beginners climbing Mount Snowdon.


Wearing appropriate clothing for both the activity you are completing and the climate is vital and will make or break your experience depending on whether you get it right or wrong. Layers are advised, as they are easy to take off and put on as your temperature fluctuates during your hike. It is also recommended that synthetic fabrics are worn, rather than heavy cotton, as they’re lightweight, dry quickly and allow perspiration.

Clothing Checklist:

·      Short sleeve T-shirt- shirt base layer

·      Long sleeve T-shirt

·      Fleece or lightweight jacket

·      Waterproof coat

·      Windproof top

·      Leggings

·      Walking trousers

·      Waterproof trousers

·      Two-three pairs of socks. Often socks can become damp during the hike, which can become uncomfortable

·      Thermal hat, gloves and scarf

·      Sunhat and sunglasses.

The weather can quickly and dramatically change on a mountain, it is always best to be prepared rather than not have what you need. Even on a sunny day when there isn’t a cloud in the sky, when you begin to climb, you will discover it can be a completely different climate.


Choosing appropriate footwear for your hike to Mount Snowdon’s summit is vital. The last thing you want on your adventure is to realise halfway up that your feet extremely uncomfortable and damaged by your shoes. Select a decent pair of hiking boots that offer support to your ankles and be sure to wear them out a handful of times before your Snowdon hike.

Maps and Compasses

Bring both a map and compass along with you, as well as the knowledge of how to use them. Getting lost in a mountain range is easily done and the distortion and worry that comes with it can often lead to the wrong decision. Equipping yourself with a map and compass, should help you to stay on the paths well-trodden.

Food and Water

Walking Mount Snowdon takes approximately six-seven hours, on a good day. A whole day hiking requires a considerable amount of fuel for your body. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to remember and although carrying large bottles may seem like a lot more effort, it is fundamental you do so, approximately two litres per person should be adequate (more if it is hot). Having a high energy and balance food supply is also important as reaching the summit on an empty stomach is not going to be any fun!

Additional Items to Bring:

·      First aid kit

·      Spare food

·      Whistle

·      Torch

·      Survival bag

·      Sun cream

·      Rucksack and liner

·      Walking poles.

In winter, hikers of Snowdon experience strong winds, sub-zero temperatures, heavy rain, poor visibility, ice and snow. It is of crucial importance that you are more than prepared for every eventuality. Let people know where you are going, which route you are taking and when they can expect you to be back, wear the appropriate clothing and ensure you have plenty of food and water. In the colder weather, paths can be covered in ice and snow, in some cases, you may need an ice axe, crampons, maps and compasses, as well as the knowledge of how to use it. If you’re inexperienced with this equipment, we advise employing a professional instructor, or waiting until the warmer months.

Mount Snowdon has a variety of paths to reach the summit, all varying in terrain, difficulty and length. Choose a path that best suits your groups level of experience and fitness.

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