Christmas Day in Your Holiday Home

Hats and scarves have been taken out of the cupboard for the season, mince pies and festive puddings are hitting the shelves and soon, your home will be filled with decorations, presents and your loved ones. It can only mean one thing; the Christmas period has arrived!

Christmas tree with decorations

Why not make Christmas extra special this year and treat yourselves and your family to a staycation? For most people, time off work is guaranteed at some point during the festivities and the children are all off school, so, it may just be the perfect time for a family get-away!

Spending Christmas Day or part of the festive break on holiday doesn’t mean you should give up or alter your family traditions and you can celebrate them in the same way as you would at home, just in a new and exciting location. If you still need a little more convincing, continue reading, as our Christmas Day – Holiday Home Edition may do just that!

Waking Up

For children, it can feel as though they have been waiting much longer than a year for Christmas Day to arrive! So, whether you are at home or you’re on holiday, the anticipation and excitement they will feel will be no different. It’ll come as no surprise to parents that a lie on Christmas Day is still a far distant memory and it’s likely that children will wake up even earlier than usual due to the change of scenery and excitement of the day ahead.


Whether you and your family open presents before or after breakfast, the first meal of the day will be equally as good as when you’re at home. As it’s such a special time of year, treat yourself to a special festive breakfast of smoked salmon and egg on toast or fresh pastries with fresh coffee. There will be few differences to your breakfast on holiday than at home, the kitchen is fully equipped with everything you may need to cook up something fantastic and there is a large table for you and your loved ones to sit around and enjoy the first meal of the day together.

Croissants, jam, orange juice and coffee on a table


Many of the properties at our Christmas holiday parks, North Wales are generously proportioned, so you and your family will have plenty of room for opening your special gifts to one another. The living spaces have a choice of seating and more than enough room for the children to play with their new toys once they’ve opened them.

Christmas presents.

Christmas Day Walk

Here in North Wales, we have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK on our doorstep. After breakfast has been eaten and all the presents have been opened, why not go out into the great outdoors and explore what is on offer? A family walk, to stretch your legs and get some fresh air on Christmas Day is a great way to spend an hour or two. Hop in the car and explore the majestic Snowdonia Mountain range or, head to the beach.

Snowdonia in North Wales.

Christmas Dinner

Wales is famed and celebrated for the outstanding and high-quality produce from the area. While you’re here, embrace the produce that is around you and treat yourselves to some local meats, cheeses and vegetables. Your Christmas dinner will be farm-fresh and locally produced, contributing to a mouth-watering supper.

A Christmas cheese board


Decorations are a huge part of Christmas, as the nights are much darker, we all look forward to switching on the twinkling Christmas lights and seeing a stunningly decorated tree. So, why not bring along with you some simple decorations? A small Christmas tree and a few decorations can go a long way into making your holiday property feel more festive, and of course, Father Christmas will need somewhere to leave all the Christmas presents!

A Christmas tree with decorations

How will you be spending Christmas Day this year? We would love to hear via our social media channels. Have you thought about enjoying a staycation with your family? We think it’ll make the special time of year even more memorable.