Top Tips For Taking Your Dog On Holiday

We all love a good family holiday, and they can be made even better with a dog in tow! It is now easier than ever to bring them on holiday, with more and more places catering to four-legged travellers, including our holiday parks in North Wales.

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However, if you are thinking of taking the dog, rather than putting it up in a kennel or having someone dog sit, there are a few top tips to keep in mind before you head off to North Wales for the week.

Check Places are Dog-friendly

When booking accommodation, make sure it is dog-friendly, and suitable for your dog specifically. You may be looking for larger places with space to run around outside. Checking places are dog-friendly is also important for any days out you have when on your holiday, as it can be very annoying to turn up to an attraction to be then told your dog is not welcome.

Plan the Journey in Advance

Remember, if you are taking a long car journey, you need to consider your dog’s needs. Have a bowl and water with you and stop plenty of times, especially if it is a hot day. This allows the dog to get fresh air and stretch their legs. If your dog is not used to travelling, try them on shorter journeys before a long one.

Make a Checklist of Essentials

Before your holiday, make a checklist of the essential items you will need for the journey and holiday. This should include food, treats, any medication, shampoo, bowls, dog bed, poo bags, collar with tag and leads. Be sure to double check you have everything too – you won’t want to leave anything behind!

Make Sure They Settle In

Your dog might be unsettled when they first arrive at your holiday destination, so it is a good idea to make them feel at home as soon as possible. Bringing familiar items like their own bed, blanket and toys can make a huge difference and keep them happy at the holiday home! Also, allow them to explore where they can, and stick to a similar routine of feeding times and walking, like you would at home.

Get Contact Information of Local Vet

Hopefully, you won’t need a vet on holiday, but in the chance your pooch does fall ill or get hurt, it is good to be prepared. Research vets in the area before you go and keep your details handy throughout the holiday. It is also worth a trip to the vet before your trip to check they have a clean bill of health and are up to date on vaccinations and treatments.

Plan Days Out with Your Dog in Mind

Your holiday in North Wales will no doubt involve getting out and about, so make sure you can take the dog with you to any attractions and ensure the dog can have plenty of rest if you are having a long day outdoors. Keep in mind that pubs, cafes, beaches and parks may have restrictions on dogs, so be prepared for any eventuality when out for the day.

Make Sure Your Dog is Trained

Before taking your four-legged friend on holiday with you, ask yourself if it is trained well enough, particularly if it is a younger dog. Spend some extra time on dog training before your holiday, so they know the basic commands.

Keep Your Dog Safe

The last thing you want to happen on a fun family holiday is for something to happen to your dog. Make sure your accommodation is secure, and there is no way for them to escape, and get them microchipped in case they do run off. On walks in the countryside, there are some dangers you may not usually come across too, so be wary of dangers like cliff edges, deep streams and wild animals.

Book a stay at one of our North Wales holiday parks today – and ask about bringing your dog too!

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