7 Benefits of Having Your Own Holiday Home for Christmas

The Christmas period is a special time of year, you get to spend quality time with your loved ones, share delicious food and drink, socialise and of course, many of us get some much-needed time off work. Why not make the most of your time off and enjoy a staycation with your friends and family? Owning a holiday home that you can escape to during the festive period has many benefits, here are just seven of them.

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One of the main benefits of having your own holiday home to visit over the Christmas period is that you will have a guarantee of the standard of your accommodation. There will be no surprises as you settle back into your home away from home and everything will be just as you left it. You’ll have all your familiarities around you for the festive season, so you can concentrate on having a great time with your friends and family.

Less Stress

Visiting your holiday property at our Christmas holiday parks, North Wales instead of going abroad or to a holiday home you haven’t visited before, is likely to be a lot less stressful for you and your family. With a staycation, there’s no need to buy holiday insurance, change currency, worry about flight delays or international phone bills. All you’ll need to do is pack the essentials and look forward to the quality time ahead with your loved ones.

Enjoy all That the Area Can Offer

North Wales is not the sleepy location many people believe it to be during the winter months. The festive season brings the place to life, with craft and gift fayres, parties and visits from Father Christmas. The festive spirit is contagious and we are sure that you and your family will enjoy all the celebrations that take place.


Here at Lyons, we hope to make Christmas as special as possible for all who visit, especially for the children. We have a jammed-packed Christmas events schedule, from Christmas Day lunch, New Year’s Eve parties, Christmas markets, visits from Santa and more! Click here to see the full details.

Not only will there be great events taking place at our parks, you also have the benefit of your own entertainment in your holiday home. You’ll have a television so you can watch one of the classic Christmas films, you could bring along a games console or even a pack of cards and some board games to keep all the family amused!

Keep Up Traditions

Taking a Christmas staycation in your holiday home means you can keep up with your family’s festive traditions. A delicious Christmas dinner can be cooked in the kitchen of your holiday home, you can hang stockings and open presents in the living area, and you could even put up a Christmas tree and other festive decorations.

Family Time

One of the top benefits of going away for Christmas is that you and your family get to spend uninterrupted time together. Your holiday home gives you a place where you can go to get away from it all, the long hours at work will be a distant memory for a week or two, and you can properly catch up with one another and truly relax into your break.

Health Benefits

Holidays are proven to reduce stress and encourage relaxation. These benefits can be gained at any time of the year! Take the pressure off Christmas day and escape to the beautiful surroundings of North Wales with your family. You’ll be away from your normal routine and the temptation of catching-up with your chores at home, so you can really enjoy your time off while enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

Have we missed any benefits of owning a holiday home that you can visit during the Christmas holidays? Let us know via our social media channels!

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