7 Benefits of Taking a Staycation this Christmas

The festive season is one of the most enjoyable and busy times of the year. Spending Christmas at home may seem like an unbreakable tradition, but going on a staycation may be just the rejuvenation you and your friends and family need at this special time of year. So, why not spend the festive season enjoying a holiday together? If you need a little more convincing, take a look at these seven benefits of going on holiday this Christmas.

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No One Needs to Host

Whether you take it in turns or there’s someone in the family that always hosts, going on holiday takes the pressure off having a full house. Having to cook for the whole family and generally making sure everyone has a fantastic day can be stressful. So, why not split the responsibility by taking a staycation? You’ll all be hosts while you’re away and everyone can chip in and share the planning and preparation for the big day.

Break from Routine

Most people get a few days off work over the Christmas period, yet many us stay at home and don’t make the most of it. Going on holiday gives you a much-needed break from your normal routine – as they say, ‘a change is as good as a rest’.


A staycation over Christmas gives you the opportunity to re-charge. You don’t need to fuss about deep cleaning the house, catching up on work, rushing around meeting friends for festive meals or picking up family from the train station. Instead, you’ll all be together, and the only ‘catching-up’ you’ll be doing is with friends and family.

Space for All the Family

Our Christmas caravan holidays, North Wales can accommodate large families and groups of people. You may not all be in the same property, but you can be next door to one another. This gives you the opportunity to spend your precious time with your loved ones, while still having somewhere to escape to when you need some alone time. The caravans have plenty of space for entertaining, with large living spaces, dining tables and outdoor spaces, there’ll be room for all the family!

Week Long Celebrations

Christmas Day always seems to pass by too quickly; a staycation gives you the chance to extend the celebrations for as long as you are away. A week-long holiday gives the children the opportunity to play their new games with their extended family, watch any gifted film collections and you can all tuck into the left-overs from Christmas day!

Spend Time with Those Who Matter

Other than the food and the gifts, Christmas is all about spending quality time with the special people in your life. A staycation makes more time for what is important. Spending time with your friends and family, laughing, talking and creating memories is exactly what the festive season should be about. Too often, we get caught up in the everyday demands of life and the things that need to be done. While you’re all on holiday, many of your worries will be left at home and you can give full concentration to your friends and family.


Being surrounded by your friends and family, exploring a new place and relaxing together while you’re on holiday is the perfect recipe for making Christmas memories that will last a lifetime.

Here at Lyons, we have a packed festive schedule, which we invite all our guests to come along and join. From Christmas Day dinners to New Year’s Eve parties, we’ve done the planning, so you don’t have to! Click here for more details.

Have you been on holiday over the Christmas period before? We would love to hear about your experience and how it went via our social media channels!

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