4 Books That Will Inspire You to Visit Wales

The rugged welsh coastline and the never-ending rolling hills of the countryside encourage reflection and creativity and inspire many who visit and live in the area. This may be why there are so many writers, of both the classic and modern genres, that have shaken the literature boundaries and provided readers with a range of incredible reads. Here are some of our favourite books about Wales:

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Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Wales is an area steeped in mystical tales and legendary fables, along with historic castles and ruins that are dotted along the landscape; it is these spectacular features of Wales which may have been the source of inspiration for writer Diana Wynne Jones. The magical story follows the journey of the main character, Sophie, who has a spell cast over by an evil witch that makes her age at a rapid rate. The connection with Wales is apparent throughout the story, and the writer creates and describes picturesque and inviting imaginations of the area, all tempting you to visit the mystical place for yourself.

A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas

No welsh literature list would be complete without mentioning the famous and celebrated writer, Dylan Thomas. A Child’s Christmas in Wales is, for many, an all-time favourite read and appears high on many people’s recommendation lists. Dylan Thomas was a poet and short-story writer, and many of his creations were based and set in idyllic Wales. His writings are lyrical and touch all the senses, his descriptions and accounts of a childhood Christmas will transport the most dedicated scrooge’s back to their fond festive memories as a child. The reminiscent read is nostalgic, making it the perfect read over the upcoming festive season.

The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davis

Set in the breath-taking landscape of North Wales, The Welsh Girl transports readers back to life when World War II was reaching its end. The main character Esther is drawn to a German camp which is neighbouring the mountain village where she grew up. At the boundaries of the camp, she meets Karsten, a German corporal, and from there, the two of them face identity and loyalty challenges and ultimately the protection of their love for one another. The Welsh Girl is a sobering romance and historical fiction that is both thought-provoking and lyrical.

Leap the Wild Water by Jenny Lloyd

The fairy-tale story of Leap the Wild Water is set in the early 19th-century in the depths of rural Wales. A young man falls in love with a fairy woman, who can become everything the man wants her to be but lives on a lake that she cannot leave. The man attempts to entice her from the water and move her to the Brecon Beacons to be with him, the story follows the ups and downs of their challenges and love, all of which is entwined with magic. The writer paints the evoking and beautiful surroundings with her words and will demonstrate the magic of the Welsh landscape for anyone who has not had the pleasure of experiencing it for themselves, just yet.

During your stay in one of our North Wales caravan parks, it would be apt to relax and unwind with an encaptivating story set in the stunning location you are enjoying your holiday in.

Do you have any recommended books that are based in Wales? Share your favourite reads with us via our social media channels so that we can enjoy them too!

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