A Guide to Planning a Romantic Couples Holiday

Going on holiday as a couple provides the chance for you to enjoy time away from the mundanity of ordinary life. With time off work and the excitement of being in an undiscovered location with your partner, you are guaranteed to make some great holiday memories. Our handy guide will help you make the planning process as relaxing as possible, as well as the time that you spend on your romantic couples holiday:

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When organising your holiday, it is important to consider each other’s strengths and weaknesses and utilise them. Each of you will bring a different talent and ability to the organisation stage, so ensure each person is assigned a task that is suitable to their skill. Some of us are particularly good at giving directions, whereas others are perhaps better at discovering hidden locations and attractions. Allowing each other to take control of the best-suited tasks will result in a much better experience.


Before the start of your holiday, it is crucial to spend a reasonable amount of time researching the area you are visiting. Find restaurants, attractions and day trips that appeal to you, create a list of the location, opening times, how far away they are from your accommodation and the cost of entry if there is one. This will help you make you decide what to do and when. It will be much easier if you have all the options laid out in front of you, including the benefits and negatives of each activity.


It is good to have some idea of the activities you would like to get involved in before you go. If you’re away for a week, we would suggest compiling a list of three-four days out. Relaxation-mode well and truly kicks in while you’re on holiday and it is all too easy to sleep in and have a slow start to your day. However, you don’t want to miss out on all the action and get home having not done anything interesting; a short wish-list of activities will help to keep you motivated and encourage you to explore.

Alone Time

If you’re not used to spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week together, then for some, a holiday can be challenging as you don’t get the downtime that you may be used to. If there are activities that one of you would like to do, but the other doesn’t, there is no harm in spending a couple of hours away from one another. It will make for great conversation when you get back in the afternoon or evening.

Places to Go

Don’t always choose the over-promoted places, as there is a wide range of unsung attractions, events, eateries and beautiful places to visit that are equally as romantic for your couple’s holiday. The less-known destinations are also likely to be much quieter, so you may even get the special places all to yourselves!

Financial plan

With different jobs, different wages and different bills, everyone has a different expectation of how much is comfortable for them to spend on holiday. As a couple, it is typical for you to share your financial situation, but, one of you may be willing to spend more on your holiday expenses than the other. Be sure to discuss with each other your spending expectations, so that you are both aware of your limits.

Be Impulsive

Variety is enlivening, and when you can be impulsive with your decisions, you begin to feel more free and relaxed. Although an itinerary is beneficial, it is also important to allow yourself some time to unwind by taking the day a little slower than usual. A day without plans usually results in an unexpected and enjoyable surprise.

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