Planning for Taking Your Dog on Holiday

Holidays without your dog always feel like something is missing. As they are such an integral part of your family, it seems a shame to leave them behind during your break away. As many of you know, Lyons welcomes friendly and manageable dogs, so you don’t need to worry about booking a kennel or getting a friend to look after them during your holiday. We encourage you to bring them along so they can join in on the fun and be there, beside you, making precious holiday memories.

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Bringing your dog on holiday can result in having a lot more things to think about before you leave and remember while you are away. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together a checklist of what to consider when you are taking your dog on holiday with you.

Planning and Organisation

The most important thing to check and double check is whether your accommodation choice welcomes dogs, once this is clear, the planning can begin. Here at Lyons, we welcome your four-legged friends alone too. A useful tip to help you remember what to bring is to write a quick checklist of all the things your dog may require during your stay; this may include:

·      Dog lead

·      A collar/harness with your up-to-date contact information attached to it

·      Dog bed

·      Food, food bowl, water (for the journey and while you are out) and a water bowl

·      Their favourite toys

·      Some treats

·      Dog toilet bags

·      A picture of your dog, in the unfortunate event that your pet goes missing

·      Pet insurance details

·      A crate or harness for travelling in the car

Vets and Insurance

Before you begin the journey to your holiday destination, take some time calling around and researching the vets in the area local to your accommodation. Be sure to ask whether that vets takes admissions from non-registered dogs. This is to ensure in the unfortunate event of your dog being taken ill while you are away, that there is an adequate and swift healthcare option for your pet.

The Drive

Whether your car journey is short or long, it is important to make your dog as comfortable as possible for the duration of the ride. To prevent any car sickness, try not to feed your dog for at least two hours before your journey. Although, do allow them to drink plenty of water before the journey so that they can stay hydrated. If possible, stop every hour and give the dog the opportunity to get out of the car, stretch their legs, have a drink and go to the toilet. To promote the safety of your pet during the drive, it is advised that a crash-tested dog crate or dog harness should be used while you are travelling. Not only does this enhance the safety of their journey, it also reduces the likelihood of them distracting the driver.

During the Week

By bringing along your dog’s bed and toys, your pet is more likely to settle into your holiday accommodation, as they will have familiar smells and objects around them to calm them down and reduce any stress or anxiety they may feel during their stay.


Included in your planning process should be research on which attractions, activities, restaurants and cafes welcome dogs so that they can join in the fun with the family too! Your dog may become uncomfortable being left alone in a new environment for a long period of time; this is easily prevented if you ensure you choose dog-friendly activities and days out. Take a look at our Dog-Friendly Days Out in North Wales for several suggestions of where you can take your dog and things to remember while you’re out with your four-legged friends.


There is a wide range of walks suitable for dogs in the stunning North Wales countryside and along the coastline, but, be sure to check before you begin your walks that the area allows dogs, as there may be some restrictions in place at certain times of year or at certain locations.

If you and your dog fall in love with the area, like so many do, then browse our Wales holiday homes for sale to find your dream holiday property!

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