3 of The Best Breweries in North Wales

If like many, you are a fan of an evening tipple and a great, traditionally brewed ale or beer, then you are in for a treat during a trip to North Wales as there is a great selection of micro-breweries and of course, tapped ales and beers in the local pubs and restaurants for you to sample. The main question is, which one will you try during your stay in our Wales caravans for sale? A glass of beer on a barrel.  Wild Horse Brewing CompanyThe Wild Horse Brewing Company began in 2015 in the seaside town of Llandudno, North Wales. The company was founded by Dave and Emma Faragher, together along with their small team of brewers, marketers and admin staff they produce an array of delicious and varied craft beers. They pride themselves on keeping the brewing process as natural as possible, the beer is naturally carbonated, and the fermentation has as limited interference as possible. The barley is freshly milled on site, the hops are stored in the most effective way, and the water comes straight from the Snowdonia mountains! They have a ‘core range’ which is available all year round, and they also have their ‘seasonal range’ which consists of creative, experimental and limited-edition brews. Conwy Brewery LtdThe Conwy Brewery is hugely popular in the area, with a rich taste and great appearance, these guys and gals know what they are doing when it comes to producing an incredible drink! The malts come straight from Lincolnshire, and the water is from the mountains of Snowdonia. The beers are not filtered, so naturally, there may be some cloudiness to the pour, but this does not affect the flavour and makes them 100% vegetarian-friendly! If you are keen to learn more about the processes involved in producing your favourite tipple, then book yourself on one of the brewery tours while you are holidaying in the area. The couple of hours at the brewery will be spent shadowing one of the experienced and knowledgeable brewers. Or you can spend the whole day, and you’ll get the chance to give a mini-brew a go, with the fruits of your labour being ready for you to drink in around four weeks! Denbigh BreweryEstablished in 2012, the Denbigh Brewery produces a wide variety of tasty ales and beers. Their regulars include the ‘John the Thumbs’, ‘I Presume Ale’ and the ‘Earl’s Folly’ all of which are popular with the locals and a go-to drink! Tours are available, but numbers are limited due to the size of the premises, although this does make the time spent there much more intimate. You’ll get an insight into the brewing process and will also be invited to sample a few straight from the barrel. If you are keen to take what you have learnt back with you, the brew-it-yourself sessions, lead by the head brewer will give you just the information you need to get fermenting when you get home! More and more people are in search of food and drink that is both independently produced and most importantly, unique and tasty! The brewing industry continues to go from strength to strength, which is perfect for those who are a fan of a traditional ale or beer. North Wales has a plethora of micro-breweries and craft brews available for visitors, making your visit that little bit sweeter! If you do happen to sample any of the tipples from the breweries we’ve mentioned above, we would love to hear about how they matched to your usual beverages via our social media channels! Let us know!

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