5 Books You Should Take on Holiday

There is nothing like immersing yourself into a great book while you’re away, for a real sense of escapism and relaxation. A great plot, with interesting characters, in a different time, place or scene is a fascination for many. With so many book releases every month it can be tricky and time consuming to grab a book you know you’ll enjoy. Here are some of the best picks, with a variety of themes and story lines, you’re guaranteed to find something suitable for you.


A Gentleman in Moscow – Amor Towles

Writer of ‘The Girls at the Kingfisher Club’ and ‘Eve in Hollywood,’ Amor Towles has brought us another absorbing read, ‘A Gentleman in Moscow.’ This magical story transports you back in time as you follow the main character, Rostov. He is a charming gentleman, that readers are sure to fall in love with; he appreciates the small and regular things in life, from the taste of his coffee in the mornings, to a passing smile in the corridor. Rostov is put under hotel arrest, in a similar sense to being in prison, he is not permitted to leave the building, for a considerable number of years. During this time, he builds lasting and meaningful relationships with the employees and visitors who frequently come to the hotel. Rostov is a memorable character, that you are likely to remember for years to come, he is thoughtful, with a passion for poetry and food; descriptions of his meals are enough to make your mouth-water and think twice as to whether you’re eating it yourself. After several years into his hotel arrest, Rostov’s life is filled with joy following the arrival of a young girl, they become friends and she brings light, fun and adventure to his life once again. The book has humour, friendship, history and much more. It’s likely to become a favoured book, that you will re-read throughout your lifetime.

The Queen of the Night – Alexander Chee

Alexander Chee is a poet, a journalist and a writer and these traits and styles come through in this incredible read. The story revolves around the main character Lillets; she is a famous opera singer in Paris during the 1880’s. Her history and life is steeped with secrets and scandal, which she tries to keep concealed from the people around her. Each page takes you through her memories and betrayals, all of which contribute to the person she is today. It is romantic, yet detailed and mysterious. Every page demonstrates the richness of her life, the characters around her are over the top and unbelievable, contributing to a compelling story. You will not want to put down this historical fiction that has a classic, literature feel.

I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life – Ed Yong

If you’re looking to learn something new, in a funny and alternative way, then this book is for you. Each page teaches you about the world around you, the world that you can’t see with the naked eye. Science isn’t for everyone, but this book explains the happenings, in an easy to understand, light hearted and at times, funny way. You’ll end this entertaining read, knowing a lot more about the world and how the microbes within it work. Some of the facts will stay with you for life and you’ll be sharing them at any opportunity. The book covers fascinating topics and will keep you engrossed for hours.

Bridget Jones’s Baby: The Diaries – Helen Fielding

You either love or hate Bridget. For the lovers, this light hearty, funny and true to modern day read is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The pick me up follows Bridget from when she discovers she is pregnant, to having the baby, all while not knowing which man is the baby’s father. Bridget is relatable and so many of us see something in her, that we see in ourselves. She’s far from perfect, and a representation of so many women today. Poor yourself a glass of wine, fill the bath tub, relax and enjoy!

Changes in Latitudes – Jen Malone

Following Cassie, her brother and her mother, as they begin a four-month stint at sea to mend their relationship and bring them closer together after their family becomes separated following a divorce. The characters are honest, down to earth and haven’t been polished at the seams, they show raw and deep emotions. ‘Changes in Latitudes’ is a perfect summer road trip read, full of swoon, romance and love.

What are your all-time favourite books? We’d love to hear your recommendations for a great Welsh holiday read! If Wales is one of your favourite places, we have a great range of Wales caravans for sale, that will make your dream holiday complete, along with a good book of course!

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