Get Lost in the Legend of Excalibur This Summer

For centuries, the tale of King Arthur has caught the attention of people all over the world. The air of mystery that surrounds the King has resulted in his life becoming, perhaps, one of the most widespread myths to ever exist. With adaptations of his life starting as early as the 12th century, we’re still celebrating his conquests today in film and television. If you’re planning a trip to North Wales, why not stay at one of our holiday parks and explore the legend for yourself? Much of King Arthur’s story takes place in Wales, so come and uncover the truth!   Dating as far back as the 5th century, it’s hard to know whether the legend of King Arthur is true. It wasn’t until the 12th century that he became a figure of interest, with Geoffrey of Monmouth the first person to comment on the King’s life. The infamous Geoffrey of Monmouth from Wales was well known for his pseudohistorical account of British history. Due to his story beginning so long ago, it is tricky to know whether or not the story of King Arthur is true. However, many modern historians believe him to be made up, and a figment of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s imagination. It is unknown as to whether or not most of the stories that are mentioned in his book, The History of the Kings of Britain, are accurate representations of Britain’s past, but certain historians have claimed almost all of them to be false. Despite it being up for discussion, King Arthur’s story is still one of the most intriguing to come out of the UK’s history. Although aspects of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s story about King Arthur may be slightly exaggerated, the 5th century Romano-British warrior chief most probably did exist. However, it is the details about his life as the head of the kingdom, Camelot, and his position as the head of the Knights of the Round Table that are what makes King Arthur so exciting. His fantastic story also includes his Father, Uther Pendragon and Merlin, a magical wizard who was responsible for informing the Baron of Logres (Britain) that the person who could draw the sword out of the stone would become the rightful king. The story of King Arthur features lots of swords. However, it is Excalibur that is the most famous! There are several different versions of how Excalibur came into the possession of King Arthur, but most of the accounts mention how it was awarded to the King from the Lady in the Lake. When King Arthur was fatally injured in battle, Sir Bedivere, his faithful friend, was ordered to throw Excalibur back into the lake to be returned to the Lady of the Lake. For you and your family of explorers, we have the perfect activity for you all this summer! In early April this year, park rangers uncovered a 6th-century sword buried in the ground beside the lake at Llyn Ogwen. Thought to be the last resting place of Excalibur, this discovery brings the magic of King Arthur to life. The circular walk at Llyn Ogwen is owned by National Trust and provides incredible views of Snowdonia. Luckily for those in your party with smaller legs, there are no steep mountains to climb here, providing you with a family-friendly activity that you’ll all enjoy. If you’re looking to bring the legend to life even more, why not visit some of the local destinations where the latest film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was filmed? Snowdonia was one of the main locations where filming took place, so why not attempt to incorporate seeing some of the locations used in the hit blockbuster film to feel like you’re living alongside the King!  With Wales acting as a backdrop for most of King Arthur’s tale, why not take a look at our Wales holiday homes for sale and get in touch! We have some amazing holiday homes on offer that are fit for a King!

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