Dog-Friendly Days Out in North Wales

For some, holidays aren’t complete without the company or companionship of their four-legged friends. At Lyons Holiday Parks, we welcome and look forward to the arrival of not just you, but your dogs too! Our furry friends are part of the family, and we wouldn’t want them to miss out on all the precious memories that you will make while you are away. So, to make your trip with them a little easier, here is a list of some of the places that will welcome your pooches, making your day out more relaxing.

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Rhyl Botanical Gardens

The Rhyl Botanical Gardens sets a stunning scene, with lots of green space, a variety of plants, a play area, picnic benches and a pond it is a spot that will keep the whole family entertained. The café nearby serves delicious ice creams or light lunches, and well-behaved dogs are allowed inside where they can grab a drink too.

Plas Newydd House and Gardens

With over 160 acres of woodland, you and your pooch are spoilt for choice at Plas Newydd. With a choice of paths and the vastness of the area, you can stretch your legs in the great outdoors for as long as you desire. The paths boast the incredible and breath-taking views of Snowdonia and a range of ancient trees and plants, from beeches, eucalypts, pines and much more.Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed entry into the Plas Newydd house, but we’re sure they will be more interested in the wonders outside.

Harlech Castle

Harlech Castle is one of the most prominent landmarks in the area and is a spectacular sight to behold. The structure was built in the 13th century, and much of the building remains today. Visitors (and dogs) are invited to wander around the ruins and steep themselves in the history it beholds. Not only is the structure impressive, the gorgeous views out to sea and across to Snowdonia are just as worthy of a visit.

Conwy Water Gardens

Conwy Water Gardens are in the heart of the stunning Conwy Valley. With free admission to roam around the beautiful location, you and your dog can take in the incredible views and tranquillity that the place offers. The nature trail takes you through a woodland area and around a large lake, providing an idyllic and peaceful place to walk. The path and the surrounding area is full of wildlife, and for this reason, dogs must be kept on the lead, but the new smells and excitement of a new place to walk will be plenty to keep them engaged. The Dutch Pancake House is worth a stop in while you’re there. With over 60 different pancakes there is something to fulfil all fancies, from sweet stacks to savoury delights, all freshly made on site.


The famous and celebrated Snowdon is a dog walkers dream, with a range of terrains, lengths, scenes and routes you are spoilt for choice! For some smaller dogs, or dogs that aren’t as active as they used to be, the incline can be a challenge, a couple of the most dog-friendly and picturesque walks are the Llanberis path and Watkin path.

Things to remember while you’re out with your four-legged friend:


Going somewhere with a hard or varied terrain can be painful on your dog’s feet if they aren’t used to it. To prevent any injury, bring along some dog booties to protect their paws if you have them. Or, occasionally stop off for a rest and assess the condition of them along your walk.


Heights can be equally as scary for dogs as they are for humans. Many routes around Wales can have sheer drops and no obvious indication that they are present. If you think you are walking in a particularly mountainous area, make sure you keep an eye on your dog or pop them on a lead if recall isn’t their strongest command.


There are many farms in North Wales, which means there is a lot of livestock roaming the fields and occasionally some of the paths that you may decide to take you dog along. For many dogs, it is instinct to chase sheep, lambs and baby calves. If you think it’s likely that your dog may be inclined to chase any livestock, then keep them on a lead to prevent any incidents.

Gates and Fences

There might be occasions while on your walk that you and your furry friend come across a gate or a fence, if you are prepared to lift your dog, or they are light enough to do so, then it won’t be much of an obstacle. Although, if your dog is much larger, it can be tricky to overcome the hurdles. If this is the case, be sure to ask the information centres, local people or look in the walking guides before you head off. Will you be holidaying in the area with your dog anytime soon? We have a great range of Wales caravans for sale for your family and four-legged friends to enjoy while you are here!

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