A Guide to Getting the Most out of Your Next Caravan Holiday

Considering coming to North Wales on your next holiday but unsure on whether or not staying in a caravan is suited to your family and your needs? Don’t be! We’ve compiled a few bits of information that you may find useful when thinking about booking your next trip!

A red sunset over the beach in North Wales


Staying in a caravan is just like staying in a home away from home. Each caravan is decked out with an open-plan kitchen/living area, bedrooms and a bathroom to provide you with a level of comfort and privacy that often hotel rooms can’t provide! Not only can you expect a small, grassy area outside of your temporary home to provide you with some entertainment, but there are often other amenities such as a clubhouse and a swimming pool.

 But what do you need to bring? Staying in a caravan is similar to staying at home, and offers space for you to bring as much of your belongings as you wish. However, you might not want to bring too much, as space is slightly more limited than your home! One of the conveniences that you may find is having a full bathroom, which means you’ll have room to bring all the toiletries your heart desires. Don’t forget to bring toilet roll with you, but also towels, as they’re not provided. We recommend bringing a separate collection to the ones you may use at the beach though – coming out of the shower and having a sandy towel doesn’t sound too good to us! Something else that you may find useful is a bath mat to pop down on the floor, especially if you’re going to be having lots of feet going in and out of the shower. Not only will it prevent slips, but will also keep the floor dry. Another benefit of staying in a caravan is the perks of having a kitchen to prepare your food. Although the appliances and utensils are provided, you will need to bring the food and washing up provisions. For washing up, it’s best to bring washing up liquid, along with tea towels to make sure you can dry everything off! Most caravans come with a fridge, microwave, kettle, toaster and a cooker, so if you feel like preparing food, you can! If you plan on making picnics to take with you on one of your day trips, then you may find bringing some disposable plates and cutlery useful. This way, you don’t need to worry about them breaking in transit or washing them up after a long day on the beach. Regarding what food you should bring with you, it’s completely your choice! It’s helpful to bring some tinned items along because if you don’t use them, they can survive the journey back home with you! Other than that, you may find it helpful to buy some snacks that you can grab on the go. In the bedroom, you should find everything you need for a good nights sleep. All our caravans are equipped with fresh bed linen on your arrival, so you needn’t worry about bringing sleeping provisions. However, if you feel like you may need some extra pillows or your favourite blankets, then you’re more than welcome to! You may also find bringing some bin bags may be helpful for placing wet or dirty clothes in. This will allow you to separate your clean clothes from your dirty clothes on the journey home, which should save you some valuable washing time! If you feel as though your clothes may need a quick wash before you leave though, the onsite launderette will have the services you need, for a low price too. After your visit, you may even be tempted to purchase your own static home. Luckily for you, we have a variety of Wales caravans for sale that you could be interested in, so have a quick look at our list and get in touch! Image credit: ogwen

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