Adrenaline fuelled events are bringing more and more people to beautiful North Wales

North Wales is home to a beautiful, rugged and diverse landscape that ranges from golden sands and tranquil water to imposing snow-capped mountain peaks. Recently, various companies have taken advantage of the magnificent natural playground that is North Wales, by running adrenaline fuelled events that bring people from all over the world to the area, who unsurprisingly, fall in love and keep coming back for more! Body-aching triathlons, leg burning cycle rides, and high-intensity running races are bringing more and more health-conscious business to the tourism economy of North Wales.Events such as the Slateman triathlon in Snowdonia, the Big Brutal Swim in the deep waters of Llyn Padarn, where you can swim a 10k race if you wish, and the Conwy Marathon, are bringing hordes of fitness and adrenaline junkies to the area. If your life is one big adrenaline rush, you may want to consider one of our Wales holiday homes for sale so you can immerse yourself in the extreme race world full time.

 These events are helping provide an instant boost to the economy as well as bringing long-term benefits from return trips and the national and international media attention received. Chair of the Llandudno Hospitality Association, Berin Jones spoke of the positive impact these types of events are bringing to the area, saying: “We have the initial boost from the people staying for events, like for the recent triathlon in Llandudno. But it is not just the impact of the events itself. “There are people who have not been to Llandudno or North Wales before, and they come for these events and see the area, and then they want to come back with their family, that is happening all the time. “Then there is the free publicity; these sporting events are covered in the UK, Europe and even around the world, having images of Llandudno Bay in these publications is as good as any travel magazine.” One of our favourite companies who put on exciting events is Always Aim High Events, whose put on races and competitions in Gwynedd, Conwy and Anglesey, and regularly attract thousands of competitors. Adam Lemalle, of Always Aim High Events, said: “At Always Aim High Events, we organise running, biking and multi-sport events across North Wales, and during the weeks leading up to and after events, hoteliers and restaurateurs tell us that accommodation is completely booked up every time. “We attract competitors from across the world – feedback from our Slateman Triathlon in Llanberis told us that many people go back to their countries and recommend the events to others, leading to increases in tourism in those areas. “On top of this, we find that our competitors like to make a holiday of the event, bringing friends and family, and staying for an extended period of time. “For our sold-out Snowdonia Trail Marathon in July, accommodation in and around the area of Llanberis was completely filled before Christmas – this shows incredible demand for events like these.“The landscape provides a thrilling environment to participate, but combined with world class event organisation; North Wales has become a major player in the adventure sports sector.” So why not visit us for your next holiday and tie it in with taking part in one of the fun filled events that take place here… we guarantee you’ll be back for more once you have experienced the exciting and beautiful area that is North Wales.

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