Best Climbing Spots in North Wales

North Wales boasts a plethora of incredible climbing spots for all abilities and is known as a world-class venue for scrambling, mountaineering and rock climbing. This is largely down to its staggering quantity, and quality, of rock faces, sea cliffs and caves. The views from these spots are unparalleled and make each and every experience a true delight. If you are heading off on holiday and are seeking the best spots for climbing in the area, we have got some beauties for you to enjoy whilst visiting our holiday homes in North Walesa man climbing near our holiday homes in North Wales Plas y BreninThis is a perfect spot for climbers of all abilities, as The National Mountain Sports Centre offers a fantastic range of courses from beginners just starting out to professionals looking for some tips to take their hobby to the next level. This place is hidden within the mountains in North Wales, providing picturesque views all around, and also offers plenty of other outdoor adventures including kayaking and mountain biking. Adrenaline junkies will love this spot, and there are several day-trips available that encompass a number of sports together to make the most of your visit. Pen TwrynThis location is fantastic for times of the year when the weather elsewhere is too hot or too wet. With a range of limestone crags and rock climbing areas making for the ultimate range of sporting climbs above the marine. This is possibly one of the most varied sporting climb spots in the UK and is a must-visit for avid climbers in the area of North Wales. Unfortunately, this area is often restricted during peak seasons for health and safety reasons, for the local wildlife and people, the restrictions usually span between March and October. TryfanThis can be a very difficult place to climb, but can alternatively be tailored to be an easier journey. The mountain is very recognisable and has a wide range of climbing and scrambling routes which suit a wide range of skillsets. It is one of Snowdonia’s most popular mountains for scrambling and when you visit, you’ll soon see why! Glyder FachGlyder Fach boasts a staggering choice of 97 climbs for those who visit, these range in difficulty from moderate to difficult, meaning that is the perfect for those seeking a challenge! This is the kind of climbing spot that will keep you coming back year upon year to test out a new route. There are also plenty of wonderful walks in the surrounding areas, so it is definitely worth taking a day trip here! LlanberisThis mountain rock is known as the ‘heart of rock climbing’ in Snowdonia. The climbs here are quite unique and include a large number of sporting routes that range in difficulty. The slate quarry itself offers a rather breath-taking view which can be enjoyed throughout your climbs. Otherwise known as ‘The Pass’ this is a feat that has been being conquered for generations and offers world class traditional climbing. This is something that should be added onto every climber’s bucket list! Where is your favourite climbing spot in North Wales? Let us know!

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