10 of the Best Motivations to Travel

people jumping on top of a mountain 1. Adventure Adventure brings excitement and enjoyment to your life. It allows you to test yourself, by pushing your limits and seeing how adaptable you are in different situations. It comes in many forms whether it’s allowing yourself to get lost somewhere new, hiking up a mountain or taking yourself wild swimming. Whatever you decide to do, get your heart beating and your enthusiasm flowing. Wales is a fantastic spot for outdoor challenges, from zip-lining to surfing or canoeing, you will find an adrenaline pumping slice of the action in this stunning place. 2. Perspective Travelling to new places changes your perception of the world and its people. You will encounter a range of different people, from all walks of life, with varying personal interests. Chatting to strangers allows you to see things from another person’s perspective and discover how they are looking at the world. It also makes you realise there is more to the world that your hometown and the happenings there, as you see incredible places while learning different lifestyles, you quickly realise the enormity of the planet you are part of. 3. Reflection Travel gives us breathing space and a chance to enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquillity, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve when you’re at home. Being constantly absorbed in your normal routine, your regular friends or family can often blur your life and leave you with little time to reflect yourself or ponder where you would like to be, or what you would like to do with yourself in the future. 4. Challenge Travel and holidays take you out of any rut you are stuck in by refreshing your thoughts and actions. Overcoming challenges that you face while travelling can boost your confidence and fill you with joy. Although they may be a struggle at the time to overcome, work through them, and you will have even more reason to be proud of yourself. It is too easy to continue with the same predictable ways to fill your day, but this doesn’t give you the sense of being alive when you compare it to waking up in the morning and not having a set itinerary. Sometimes not knowing where you are going, or not knowing what you may encounter, will fill you with elation. 5. Stories The stories you tell of the times you’ve had while you were away will be made of exciting places and interesting people. Your friends and family will appreciate when you recite and share your most precious times with them.   6. Achievement The planning, the deciding, all the paperwork and the paths took all take serious dedication and in some cases, hard work, especially if you’re going away as a group or a family. You should feel a sense of accomplishment when you get to your destination, and you start exploring, as all the hard pre-work has paid off. 7. Character and confidence You gain an exceptional amount of knowledge while you are travelling or on holiday, about the places, people and ways of life you encounter. This builds upon your character and helps you on your way to becoming a well-rounded person. Your confidence will also increase, starting a conversation with someone will no longer be so nerve racking. You will find it much easier to find a common ground and a shared interest with someone which will help keep the conversation flowing. Whether you were shy or outgoing before you went, your confidence will have improved by the time you return. 8. Be in the present When you have no fixed itinerary or no preferences of where and when to go somewhere, you suddenly become much freer in your thinking. It allows you to focus on the exact thing you are doing in that moment, rather than worrying about what happened yesterday, or what will happen later.   9. Happiness Travel and time away will make you happier. Your mind is more engaged, and you don’t have the same pressures on you that your normal life back home demands, which all results in relaxation and enjoyment. 10. Memories The memories you make while you are away will last a lifetime and fill your body and mind with joy. Reminiscing to the past holidays and travel you have taken gives you that fuzzy feeling and is an incredible reminder of all the fun you had.  heart shape made from hands  North Wales is a fantastic place to start your lifetime adventure, with some of the best scenery in the UK; mountains, sea, lakes, rivers, woodlands and more, your trip will be full of discovery. Take a look at our Wales caravans for sale, so you have the perfect home away from home on your journey.