North Wales is the Perfect Holiday Destination for Children

For children, the anticipation is just as thrilling as the holiday itself; especially when they are involved in helping to choose the location or packing their bags. The excitement of the journey is also a common memory; being crammed in the car with too many suitcases, playing ‘I spy’ and listening to your parent’s cheesy music. Going on holiday is more than enough reason to be excited as it is somewhere new to explore and learn about, especially for children. Adventures create memories, and North Wales is full of adventure. Why not look at the range of Wales caravans for sale, so your family can continue making these memories in this stunning location?

Girls playing outdoors in summer


Getting out of your usual routine can be refreshing; trying something new, or doing something daring will energise you. Children are bound to discover and see things they have never seen before when on holiday, making it even more interesting for them. Go and get lost in the woods, paddle in streams, build forts on the beach or hire a bike and go for a ride. Let your children choose where to go or let them direct you from a map and go to explore the local area in North Wales. Adventure packed attractions in North Wales are plentiful. Take a day trip to the Welsh Mountain Zoo and get up close to some of the exotic animals, watching them play, eat and learn about their natural habitats. Or have an action-packed day at Greenwood Forest Park, join in with the extensive program of events, from story-telling to den building and rollercoasters to treetop climbing.


When kids are outdoors, they can run, jump, scream and shout as much as they like without disturbing you or any neighbours. The fresh air and all the energy they will use will have them happily exhausted, content with their day and relishing all the memories they have made on their North Wales holiday. The outdoors is a natural classroom; they have the chance to explore, discover and understand how things work. There are flowers to pick, stones to skim, and trees to climb – the activities are as extensive as their imagination, and their outdoor surroundings can help their creative side thrive.


North Wales has an abundance of wildlife, so the whole family can become explorers and record how many of the animals and sea life you can spot. With the stunning countryside and extensive coastline in North Wales, you will not be disappointed by the animals and birds you might find. You can also take a boat ride and tour around the Puffin Island, taking in the breath-taking scenery and wonderful animals on display, from the many seabirds and marine wildlife like seals and dolphins in the water below.


For children, it can be tricky to put their life into perspective; when they think about dinosaurs or Vikings, it can be a struggle to understand when it all occurred. North Wales has a range of captivating sites that will teach and excite your children about the life of people who previously walked this world.  The steam railway lines that cross through the countryside offers a great way to mix the incredible scenery and take a dip into history. The area also has loads of castles to explore, which are hundreds of years old with plenty of fascinating stories to discover.

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Updated July 2018