7 Reasons to Go Outside and Enjoy the Nature in North Wales

It is spring, and very almost summer and North Wales has been fortunate with the weather! If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy the outdoors yet, and need a little more motivation, here are seven fantastic reasons to go outside and enjoy yourself. North Wales has some of the most naturally beautiful landscapes in the UK, so not only will you be exploring somewhere stunning, you will get these benefits too:  quote and nature Vitamin D Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that we all need to promote healthy muscles, teeth and bones. During the spring and summer months, the vital vitamin D is much easier to get, if you just spend a few hours in the great outdoors and glorious sunshine. Your body naturally produces the vitamin when your skin is exposed to sunlight. During the colder months, make sure you get plenty of it from the foods you eat to keep you nourished, you can get it from egg yolks, red meats and oily fish, or some cereals have it added to them.  sunshine coming through a woodland A break from technologyBeing outdoors momentarily gives you the opportunity to go ‘off-grid,’ leaving your phone and other technological devices for a few hours can be liberating, and we assure you, your mind will thank you for it. Spend the day enjoying the current moment, try not to feel like you are missing out. Carrying your phone with you, especially if you use it for work, can be a big distraction, with work emails a continual disruption to your days away from the office, leaving it behind provides a real break.    Improved sleep patternYour natural sleeping pattern and your bodies circadian rhythm can be affected by artificial light. The body’s natural 24-hour pattern of sleep can be altered by unnatural light sources, which can cause you to have difficulty sleeping. When it is dark outside, your eyes send signals to your brain, which then tells your body that it is time to be tired. With artificial light interrupting the cycle of light and dark, the signal is distorted and confused, telling your body you should still be awake. Try to wake up with the sun, get outdoors for a walk before work and then try and go to sleep when the sun sets. The fresh air will also help your body and mind allow you a good night’s rest.  alarm clock and mug Better connection with your loved onesAll too often, we are together but not interacting with each other, as our minds can be absorbed by other things. We maybe in conversation with someone, but not fully concentrating on the other person’s response or what you are saying to them. Being in nature and outdoors allows you to immerse yourself and reconnect with the environment and the people you are enjoying it with. The outdoors also has a positive effect on your well-being and feelings you have about yourself, improvements in these personal areas will make it much easier to bond with people.  people holding hands Happy children, and happy youChildren have a lot more energy to burn than adults. The outdoors gives them the space to run, jump, shout and be a little freer and wilder than they would be allowed to be in their home. Nature holds many fascinations for children, with animals and insects to be spotted, plants to be smelt and mud to get dirty.  children playing Livened sensesThe outdoors and nature provides a stimulation of your senses. During the spring and summer, there is an abundance of incredible colours, the smell of the plants growing, the sound of birds tweeting and a variety of textures to be enjoyed – whether you are lying in the grass or paddling through a stream.  flowers in a meadow HealthBeing immersed in nature relaxes your body and lowers stress. When you are in the outdoors it usually means, you are going for a walk, or a bike ride or maybe a jog. These types of activities release ‘feel good’ endorphins, making your happier and more willing to do things.  bike leaning on a tree. A week, or even two in North Wales, would not be enough to see all the nature and breath-taking landscapes around, take a look at the variety of Wales holiday homes for sale, so you can return to enjoy the surroundings through all the seasons.