Which type of holiday do you prefer?

There are many types of holidays, from exotic adventures abroad and adrenaline filled staycations to wonderful walking trails and relaxing beachside holidays. We all like something a little different based on our personalities and personal preferences, but we’d love to know what kind of holiday you like the best! Whilst staying at our caravan sites in North Wales, you can experience all sorts of adventures; with incredibly scenic walks found near Snowdonia, and sandy beaches for sunbathing to zip lining at Zip World and exploring the underground trampoline parks. You can be assured that there is something for all the family in North Wales. Although there are many types of holidays, we’ve chosen two broad categories, so which one do you fall into? Adrenaline & Adventure The adventurers amongst us spend their time seeking out the biggest thrills to get the blood pumping. You have to be quite brave to embrace the aspects of an adventure holiday and leave those fearful thoughts at the back of your mind, but it is certainly worth it for the memories made. Some may think that you are a little crazy, but it’s all part of the fun! When in North Wales you’re most likely to visit Europe’s fastest zip line or go wild swimming in Snowdonia, anything that provides a good story for the future! Having been named the ‘adventure capital of Europe’ more than once, North Wales is the perfect destination for those seeking a thrill; even Bear Grylls agrees that some of the best adventures to be found in the UK can be had here! You’re not afraid to try new things and thrive when challenged, although you may enjoy a few days of relaxation, exploring the local area and testing your limits are the main aim of your trips away. rest & relaxation holidays in North Wales Rest & Relaxation For those who prefer to spend their holidays embarking on a bit of well-needed R&R, North Wales still has plenty to offer. Take a leisurely stroll with a picnic to enjoy the stunning sights that can be seen all around, or simply bask in the sunshine as you read a book. Your holidays are meant for de-stressing and unwinding, a getaway from the busyness of your everyday life. Perhaps spa breaks and beach retreats are more up your street, spending time with loved ones and making memories with the simpler things in life! A staycation offers a stress-free getaway for a short or long break, so is a perfect option for those seeking rest and relaxation. There’s nothing wrong with embracing life at a slower pace, getting back to nature and taking a little ‘me’ time every now and then, so go out and enjoy your holiday filled with rest and relaxation! If you want to make your holidays even easier and more enjoyable, why not take a look at our caravans for sale in North Wales? Then you can take a break whenever you feel like to enjoy a new adventure or relax for a few days! Don’t forget to vote for your favourite type of holiday on our Facebook and Twitter!