8 reasons to go on holiday with friends

Organising a group holiday can be a challenge, with so much to remember and more people to please, it can be a little off-putting, but the rewards gained once everything is organised and in place can outweigh all the events leading up to it!  It is all too easy to let everyday life get on top of us, with going to work through the week, dropping the children to school and classes, then dashing to do the food shop. The demands of life can sometimes mean we don’t get to spend time with our friends as often as we would like, going away on group holidays offers the chance to enjoy some time with them, slowing the pace down.Rushed coffee catch ups can sometimes feel like a hassle, on holiday you’ll feel refreshed, you’ve all got the whole week to enjoy each other’s company, so no rushing, just relaxation. We have a great range of static caravans for sale, North Wales if you all want to return each year! Learn about each other When you spend a week with someone, you learn a lot more about them, their morning routines, whether they’re bubbly as soon as they get up or if they need a couple of coffees before they can function. Children Children will have a great time spending the week together, with a constant playmate, they can have sleepovers every night of the week! They will be keeping each other occupied, laughing and joking meaning the parents have more time to relax. Fun When you are away with another family, you are more likely to have filled and planned the week with fun activities to do. All of you will want to make the most of your time there and with so many different interests the holiday will be one to remember. Spontaneity All members of the holiday party are going to have different interests and things they want to try. Going away with another family may encourage you to attempt something new, that you hadn’t thought of doing before. Holidays are the perfect opportunity for pushing your limits and getting out of your comfort zone, and it may even become something you love and want to try again and again.  Choice You don’t have to spend all day, every day together. If there are members of the group that want to do different things, why not split up for the day and meet up again at dinner? Some of you may want to go to the beach, while the other group want to go shopping. Giving the children the choice of a couple of things they can do, will be even more pleasing for them too! Wales North Wales is a fantastic location for a family holiday, with attractions through the day and night, you won’t need to worry about running out of things to do. Be adventurous with your choices, explore the place, learn about the history, go and see all the beautiful places. Cooking There can be too many cooks in the kitchen! So, take advantage of this and alternate the cooking and washing up duty when you aren’t going out for a meal. If there are four adults, it may mean each one only needs to cook once during the whole week! Group discounts Entry to a lot of attractions usually gets cheaper the more of you there are, so being in a group, with children will have a penny-saving benefit.

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