Bear Grylls reveals his favourite place in the UK

British-born adventurer Bear Grylls announced this week his favourite place in the UK, and it came as no surprise to us! Otherwise known as Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls, he has held the limelight on our TV screens for quite some time now, with popular programs such as Man vs. Wild, Born Survivor: Bear Grylls and The Island. Having faced some of the harshest conditions and environments across the world, he has stated his favourite place in the UK is the magnificent area of North Wales! Known as the ‘adventure capital of Europe’, North Wales unsurprisingly fits the bill of one of TV’s most memorable adventurer’s favourite places to be. In a post to Facebook, he said, “I am often asked where my favourite place in the UK is and without a doubt, it is North Wales”. With the plethora of activities available, adventures to embark on and the stunning scenery, we really can see why Bear Grylls holds the area so dear to his heart. The post got over 40,000 reactions and 1,150 shares on Facebook, with thousands of fans commenting on how much they too love the area. Bear Grylls regularly visits North Wales; having only recently made a surprise visit to one of the local schools and being crowned the youngest ever Chief Scout!   Bear Grylls also offers survival courses in Snowdonia, North Wales, which are suitable for anyone aged 8+. The packages vary from half days to two-day adventures where those who are inspired by Bear Grylls’ intense adventures can learn a trick or two from one of the most well-known faces in the outdoor survival world. If you too would like to experience a Bear Grylls-style adventure, you don’t have to commit to roughing it in the woodland and hunting for your own food, but can explore the wonders of North Wales and test out a few skills whilst staying at our North Wales holiday parks. Image: Lwp Kommunikáció under Creative Commons

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