Guide to planning a group holiday

If you are planning a trip away this summer you may be considering heading out with a group of friends or with your wider family for an occasion or simply just as a spring/summer getaway! The best way to get the most enjoyment out of your holiday is surely to bring along your loved ones! However it can often be difficult to arrange a large number of people to commune together in the same place. With our handy guide however, you will be on your way in no time to your stress-free holiday in North Wales! buy a static caravan in North Wales for your group holidays Who will you bring along? The first thing to decide is ultimately who you want to bring on your next vacation, be it your close family and a few grandparents, or your friendship group. Make sure you get in touch with everyone as early as possible to ensure that they are available for the chosen date and so that they can make any necessary arrangements. Just bear in mind that the more people you invite, the more people you will have to organise. Although they do say, the more the merrier! Where will you go? Once you’ve set the date and invited everyone along, it is time to pick a location. We may be a little biased but North Wales is certainly a great place for a group holiday! Having been named the ‘adventure capital of Europe’ last year, you can be assured that there will be plenty of activities for you to do! By picking somewhere in the UK you will make the transport options easier and quicker, and this will likely save you a pretty penny too! Where will you stay? There are a variety of options for large groups to stay in, from hotels to camping, glamping and static caravans. You might want to take a look at a range of options to see which will best suit your group and make the decision together. If you are looking to buy a static caravan in North Wales then take a look at our range, as once you’ve purchased your own, holidays will be so much simpler and easier to arrange! Be firm but fair When arranging a friend’s holiday in particular you will need to be firm with the group. Ensure that you give them all deadlines for confirming if they are attending; money for the holiday and booking any additional transport that may be needed. If you know someone is particularly unreliable, giving them a few reminders before the deadline will be helpful. Teamwork can make your holiday dream work If you are the main man in the group that is responsible for any trips away, why not delegate some of the duties to other people. Have someone in charge of accommodation, activities and transport and ensure that communication remains constant throughout the planning to ensure that everyone gets the holiday they wished for! A group chat is usually helpful for this, to keep in touch on a regular basis. Create an itinerary This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to stick to this itinerary, however it is good to collate the ideas together to ensure that everyone gets to do the activities they wish. Some of the best things to do in North Wales include visiting Snowdonia, a trip to Zip World or Bounce Below and of course a trip to one of the seaside areas! Transport timings, accommodation and other vital factors will likely need to be booked in advance too, so make sure everyone knows where they need to be and when and remind them of this close to the holiday date! Enjoy! Once all the planning has been done, you can sit back and enjoy! Make the most of your time together and ensure you take plenty of photographs to look back on in the future!