ThunderCat racing is coming to North Wales waters this June

For an adrenaline fix and the chance to watch an event like no other, pencil in the 17th and 18th of June when staying at our North Wales caravan parks as ThunderCat racing is heading to Caernarfon this summer! The Menai Strait will serve as the arena where inflatable catamarans will speed along the water at speeds reaching nearly 60mph powered by their 50hp engines as part of the Welsh leg of the ThunderCat tour that takes part across the UK. In total, the event will feature 24 four-metre inflatable catamarans manned by teams of two people, with the two stroke 50hp outboard motor providing heart stopping moments for competitors as well as the spectators. Ioan Thomas, Gwynedd County Councillor was ecstatic about the event heading to North Wales, with over 10,000 visitors expected to attend the event over the weekend contributing to the ever expanding North Wales tourism industry. Mr Thomas said: “It’s very good news that the ThunderCats have agreed to come to Caernarfon for a weekend of exciting racing.“It’s realistic to expect some 10,000 visitors over the weekend and this should help the town’s businesses.” The same weekend sees Caernarfon also playing host to the annual North Wales Armed Forces Day on June 17th with him Mr Thomas adding: “The Saturday session will be part of the North Wales Armed Forces Day and at least one team will include ex-military personnel that have had life changing injuries. I would like to thank Lt Colonel Mark Powell for his input in organising the event. “The ThunderCats draw a loyal group of enthusiasts who follow the teams around Britain. “A meeting will be held soon with local businesses to provide more information about the weekend and the opportunities which will arise from the event. Initial discussions have already taken place with both the Royal Welsh Yacht Club and the Sailing Club.” It looks set to be a weekend to remember in North Wales, so make sure you pencil it in if you’re staying at our North Wales caravan parks this June. The video below by Heads Up Definition shows what to expect at the North Wales leg of The ThunderCat Racing Tour by showcasing the 2016 event in Cornwall’s Watergate Bay, so press play and watch the high-speed action to get you excited for this year’s event on the Menai Strait.