Reasons to go on holiday for mind, body and soul

There are many reasons, as we’re sure you can attest to, that you and your family deserve a holiday this year. But the modern-day stress and financial strain associated with a two-week, all inclusive break to the Maldives simply isn’t feasible for many families in the current economic climate. 2017 is the year of the staycation. Make the most of the beautiful beaches, landscapes and mountainous scenery a little closer to home…we’ve heard North Wales offers all of these, and then some, when it comes to fabulous holidays the whole family can enjoy. We’ve put together some reasons to check out our holiday homes for sale, Ruthin in case you needed any further persuading. The convenience of a permanent holiday home makes for even less stressful staycations, to create unforgettable family memories as well as doing wonders for your mind, body and soul:relax near our holiday homes for sale, RuthinSlow down, relax and rid yourself of stress Holidays have been proved to elevate your mood by reducing the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which in some cases leads to adrenal burnout, leaving you feeling tired, anxious or depressed. A recent study in the U.S. has suggested that women who take regular holidays are significantly less likely to suffer from depression. Holidays remind us of the importance of living life at a slow pace, something that seems to be overlooked and ignored amongst the hustle and bustle, busy nature of 21st century lifestyles. Time spent chatting the mornings away over multiple coffees, making sand castles and simply gazing out to sea is time well spent and holidays provide the best opportunity to enjoy  the moment as opposed to worrying about the things you’re not doing. This ignites mindfulness and can help us to enjoy more simple things in life. Holidays for the Heart Stress can lead to chronic inflammation, whereby the body is essentially fighting itself, resulting in chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Those taken regular holidays strengthen their immunity, helping to ward off potential illnesses that can occur as a result of your quick-paced lifestyle choices. Holidays have also been shown to boost your heart health and increase life expectancy, so why take the risk? Further to this, if your January ‘New Year, New you’ plans aren’t going quite to schedule, a holiday might be the ideal solution to shift a few extra pounds. Common factors of weight gain can be attributed to stress and sleep deprivation, two issues that are typically solved following a break away. So quit the gym that you talk yourself out of each week, and instead put the money towards a holiday to North Wales! The activities you are likely to partake in whilst away will do more for your waistline then any weight-lifting can, and the improved state of mentality will soon see the scales telling a different story. Look after number one Whilst everyday responsibilities mean that many of us put others first, whether they be children, parents, friends or even pets. Holidays allow us to focus on ourselves, rather than being in a state of constant awareness for others. That’s not to say you shouldn’t organise a dog-sitter, quite the opposite in fact! But once you know everything is looked after at home, a break from the yawn-fest of everyday chores lets you spend time on things you actually want to do, whatever they may be. Even if you’re holidaying as a family, be sure to plan activities so there is also time to relax and recharge your batteries – for mum, dad and the kids! There seems to be so much more time in the day, once you’ve ridded yourself of dishes, cooking and general day-to-day duties such as school runs and extra-curricula activities, so be sure to make the most of it! Reconnect Moments to yourself on holiday allow you to clear your mind of the excessive clutter that forms as a result of all your daily activities. This gives you the opportunity to see things more clearly, perhaps from a new perspective, and leads you to reassessing certain aspects of your life, whether they be values, goals or even what certain people mean to you. This extra time for reflection is perfect if you are not feeling as happy as you could be or have a few bits and bobs in your head that you’d like to ‘clean up’. The mundane nature of everyday life may have led to the slow destruction of family connections and spoiling the ability to appreciate the quality time you do spend together. A recent study of 265 travellers found that family holidays contribute to connection, bonding, communication and feelings of belonging, which is vital for both parents and children to identify with. Beach benefits Finally, nothing beats a traditional, unapologetically British holiday to the seaside, where you can huddle behind wind breaks, indulge in sandy sarnies and exclaim approximately once every half an hour ‘the suns trying to come out!’. There are perceived to be many cognitive benefits to being by the sea, with recent evidence suggests time spent near large expanses of water is good for the mind. The intrigue of the ocean holds something for everyone, whether you want to swim in it, paddle in it or even just gaze out towards the unknown. Our Lyons holiday parks are all based on or near the coast, giving you ample opportunities for mindfulness whilst on holiday in North Wales. So if the daily routine is feeling somewhat monotonous and stress gets on top of you at work, as you finish hours later than schedule once again, we suggest you hurry home and book a break for you and your family to North Wales as soon as you can! Not only will the actual holiday work wonders for your mind, body and soul, but it’s amazing to see how having something to look forward to can immediately alter your outlook of life.

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