All you need to know about St Dwynwen’s Day

It’s only just been Christmas but another celebration is just around the corner that celebrates love, no not Valentine’s Day, it’s the Welsh day of love; St Dwynwen’s Day and you can celebrate it at our holiday parks in North Wales. January 25th sees the celebration of St Dwynwen’s Day which honours the Welsh patron saint of lovers and is the Welsh version of the standard Valentine’s Day, which is also celebrated here… there’s a lot of love to go around! Most of you probably wouldn’t have heard of this lovely day… but you needn’t fret, read below to find out all there is to know about this magical day. Who was St Dwynwen? St Dwynwen was a princess way back in the 4th century who lived in the Brecon Beacons and was well, how can we say it… not really a hit with the guys! So, she decided to cut her losses and become a nun, she then spent her time praying for all the other people out there who were after love and have better luck than she did in finding someone. How she became the Welsh patron saint of lovers King Brychan Brycheiniog had a whopping 24 daughters and Dwynwen was the most beautiful among them. With her beauty and status, she was much sought after but fell in love with a local man by the name of Maelon Dafodrill but the King had already arranged for his daughter to marry a Prince. Understandably, neither of them took it well, Dwynwen ran off deep into the woods and began calling to God to help her; he answered and sent an angel to help her. She gave a Dwynwen a potion to forget about her forbidden love, Maelon and even turned him into a block of ice! A bit strong we reckon, a break up is more than enough surely? After this Game of Thrones-style tom-foolery God then granted her three wishes: The first was that her love Maelon be thawed out, the second was that she wanted God to help all lovers and the third was that she should never be married.The big man then granted these and in thanks Dwynwen became a nun and opened a convent on the beautiful Anglesey island of Llanddwyn.Dwynwe, whose name means ‘she who leads a blessed life’ has a lot of love to go around as she’s also the patron saint of sick animals! How do people celebrate St Dwynwen’s Day? It’s the most romantic day of the year in Wales and is celebrated much the same as Valentine’s Day in the rest of the UK… we like to think we do it a bit better here in Wales. Lovebirds throughout the country give each other love filled cards and thoughtful gifts and spend some quality time together such as delicious romantic meals, long walks in our beautiful national parks and on golden sandy beaches and for those who are truly celebrating the day; make traditional love spoons, which are intricately hand carved wooden spoons in mesmerising designs. Who celebrates St Dwynwen’s Day? It’s becoming more and more popular across the country and especially among the Welsh speaking communities.You don’t have to be Welsh to celebrate this romantic day though, why not surprise your loved one to a break at one of our holiday parks in North Wales and make your own romantic pilgrimage to St Dwynwen’s Church at Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey. When at Llanddwyn Island there are three things you must do with the special someone in your life:First of all, it’s very beautiful and picturesque, so head to Llanddwyn’s Blue Flag awarded beach for a lovers’ stroll before making your way into the forest which is home to red squirrels and take in the stunning views across the Menai Strait over to Snowdonia, best enjoyed with a thermos full of hot chocolate! Explore the island, walking out to the headland you’ll find pilot’s cottages and two lighthouses’ and of course, the ruins of St Dwynwen’s Chrurch. Walk up there whilst recounting the story behind the ruins to your partner, they will be amazed from your knowledge of love! There are numerous springs and wells on the island that includes Merddyn Cil, Ffynnon Dafaden and of course Dwynwen’s Well, which legend has it is home to clairvoyant eels who can predict whether your relationship is going to be successful! Visit our holiday parks in North Wales for day of love with a difference!   Photo by Andrew Hackney

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