Facing your fear in the New Year

The New Year means new beginnings, and at Lyons, we are looking forward to 2017 and the adventures it is sure to bring. If you are staying at our North Wales holiday parks in the coming months, why not do something different, and face your fears? After all, North Wales is the adventure capital of Europe and there are lots of adrenaline fuelled things to try out! Stay at our North Wales holiday parks and face your fears in 2017!Why is overcoming fear important? Fear limits your potential. Fear can stop you from experiencing life to the fullest and can drive your thoughts, feelings and decisions. Someone who fears change will constantly try to maintain a status quo in their life, rather than proactively lead their life and not try out new challenges. In North Wales, you can try new challenges like zip wires and coasteering. Stopping fear in its tracks If you try to run away from your fear it will stay with you and can limit what you can do. As you will have to deal with it at some point, it is best to learn to overcome it now, as time is precious and you can’t get back the time you spent worrying.  It is easy to let your fears take over your thoughts, but it is always important to know if something happened in the past, it does not always happen again. You are in a position to shape your future and make decisions to benefit you.  Why North Wales is the place for you North Wales is the perfect place to overcome fears this New Year, with some of the most exhilarating activities for you to try out.   However, if you’re after a relaxing holiday escape, and not looking to conquer any fears just yet, you can stroll across the golden beaches or hike up the spectacular mountain ranges North Wales has to offer. Our North Wales holiday parks can be the best place to put your feet up after a fun-filled day of adrenaline inducing activities or tranquil experiences.  Images by: Stuart Madden

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