New Year’s Eve at Robin Hood

2017 is nearly upon us and it is time to start thinking about how you are going to see in the new year. With tonnes of events throughout North Wales, it is a difficult task to try and figure out which one you should attend. Don’t worry though, as our Robin Hood park in Rhyl is hosting a fabulous event for all the family.

Our masquerade party will be held at our Robin Hood park, Rhyl. The event will start at 7pm on December 31st at the Foresters Show Bar. Tickets are £15 for non-owners, £10 for adult owners and £5 for child owners. Just dress to impress and join us for a truly amazing way to bring the new year in. Did you know that masquerade balls date back to the 14th and 15th centuries? It all started in Italy and were costumed public festivities that were incredibly popular in Venice. They were elaborate dances for the upper class and have become a popular way to celebrate ever since. If you require some accommodation whilst visiting the area, or if you are attending our New Year’s party, we have a number of family-friendly caravans to stay in at our Rhyl caravan parks.