North Wales: An adventure hotspot for thrill seekers

It’s no secret that North Wales is renowned for the opportunities of adventures for adrenaline junkies. With a spectacular mountain range, expansive landscapes and stunning coastlines, it comes as no surprise that the natural environment provides the perfect backdrop to extreme outdoor activities. We take a look at the most epic adventures close to our holiday parks in North Wales.Going underground Once dominating the economy in North Wales, slate mining at Llechwedd Slate Caverns supplied the majority of roofs in Victorian Britain and was transported all over the world. Despite the decline of the trade hitting local communities hard, it left an array of quarries, caverns and dark tunnels in its wake which are fantastic areas to explore. Surrounded on all sides by the Snowdon National Park, the quarry-scarred landscape has a beauty of its own and is only multiplied by a trip down underground. Discover another world via numerous tours or through zip lines, rope bridges and footholds hammered into the walls, gazing into expansive dark spaces and colossal caves below. A fantastic experience, where you can get your hands dirty whilst, at the same time, indulging yourself in the local history and heritage. A more family-friendly alternative could be trampolining inside a cave, where bouncing in the atmospheric lighting, with the chiselled walls towering above, is bound to give you an experience you won’t forget. Flying high and low Home to the fastest and longest zip line in Europe, there’s no better way to soak up the views and landscapes North Wales can offer than flying through them. Take in the fantastic views out towards Anglesey and even, on a clear day, see the Isle of Man, before letting the adrenaline pulse through you as you soar up to 100 mph through the valleys. Alternatively, if you want to take on  a zip line underground, you’ve come to the right place. North Wales is home to the world’s longest underground zip line, where a ride allows you to visit the deepest point in Britain that can be accessed by the public – nearly 400m below ground level. The nature of zip lining in North Wales attracts enthusiasts far and wide, come and see what the fuss is all about for yourself!   Reaching summits Snowdon is the highest point in England and Wales, standing at 1085m and is perfect for explorers of all capabilities. Renowned for its views, legends and the fact that you are able to reach the summit by rail, Snowdon should certainly be added to your holiday bucket list. For less able or experienced climbers, the train or the zig-zagging miner track is recommended for a more easy-going method of reaching the top. For those with more expertise in the area, the mountain provides challenging pitches and the notorious Crib Goch, a sharp mountain ridge with a steep slope to one side and a sheer drop to the other. Either way, both parties can appreciate the expansive views from the top, which is the ideal backdrop for a group selfie! The National Park itself also caters for hiking and adventure enthusiasts, with an array of walks available to suit every preference. Enjoy the park at night and dust off your telescope, as it was recently made a dark sky reserve in tribute to its clean air. Making waves A welcome addition in North Wales, Surf Snowdonia is a state-of-the-art surf lagoon that brings the joys and thrills of the ocean to you. The waves are artificial, meaning they can be programmed to come once every 90 seconds, and form predictable heights at a consistent power making it a great place to learn to surf or practice new tricks. The beautiful, tree-lined valley makes the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable and as close to nature as possible. There are various other activities you can take part in including surf kayaking and a comedic blob that launches people high into the air before plunging back down to earth with a cold splash.   The best of the rest This is just a taster of all the adventure that is open to you when you decide to holiday in North Wales. The area also offers coasteering, windsurfing, puffin-spotting, rafting and trekking to name a few. But don’t take our word for it, come and check it out for yourself!

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