North Wales’ Zip World is one of regions top tourist attractions

The adventure tourism company, which created the longest zip wire in Europe, has helped to bring in more than £121 million to North Wales’ economy. Zip World has brought thousands of visitors to the region, and has also created 218 jobs. visit Zip World, near our caravans for sale, North Wales Zip World has three adventure sites across the region, and even more activity places are due to open in the next year. This also includes expanding to South Wales. Recent figures, from a survey interviewing visitors to Zip World, showed that visitors would spend nearly £1000 on a whole round trip to the region, which includes accommodation, eating, shopping, and visiting the other local attractions. Almost three quarters of those visitors would stay at least one night in North Wales, boosting occupancy rates for caravan parks, campsites and hotels. These positive figures come after North Wales was named one of the places to visit in 2017 by travel guide Lonely Planet, which praised the region for being a “playground for hikers, mountain bikers and rock climbers.” Overall, adventure sports are bringing in a total of a £2 billion boost to North Wales. 2016 has definitely been a successful year for the area, as the Welsh Government named 2016 as the Year of Adventure and increased employment in the tourism industry. The research also gives tourism leaders a chance to forecast the tourism trends of the region in the future. North Wales Tourism managing director Jim Jones, said: “I was expecting some pretty big figures, as I know just how many people mention Zip World when talking about the area, but when I saw the outcome of our research, I was staggered.” Zip World is the fastest zip line in the world, and the longest in Europe, and has attracted many celebrities amongst other visitors. If you are looking for caravans for sale, North Wales is the place to go! Photo by: Rob Farrow